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Becoming Immortals on Life Transformation

Lifetime means “from cradle to tomb”,and we need education at every moment of our life. Usually, people only pay attention to the dozen or more years of education from primary school to college, but neglect other periods, regardless of whether it is more important or not. The goal of becoming gods is extremely great and […]

Automation-oriented Transformation for Becoming Gods

The god is someone who has the highest self-awareness and greatest freedom, and is most capable of automatic development. What is the highest prospect of production? Automation! What is the highest prospect of education? Also automation! “Teaching is meant to stop repeated teaching”: that is just the true meaning of education. Only such an education […]

Individualization-oriented Transformation for Mankind to Become Immortals

Immortals never follow the same pattern, and are never made out of one mold. In becoming immortals, what we pursue is to highlight the individuality, reaching the summit of personal wisdom and creativity. Esteeming individuality is the same as esteeming the congenital, and by combining the postnatal with the congenital organically, we may make “the […]

Compulsory birth improvement through technology lays material basis for becoming immortals

Compulsory birth improvement through technology lays best material basis for becoming immortals Some people turn pale at the mere mention of “eugenics”, as it reminds them of the “eugenics” of Hitler. Mr. Qiu Renzong, member of International Human Genome Ethic Committee, said: “If we use the gene research findings for improvement of the human race,it […]

Eternal life and daylong ecstasy constitute the overall goal of becoming immortals

One point is worth noting specially: what we seek is daylong ecstasy,that is, not only “ecstasy”, but also “daylong ecstasy”, which is to say,we must put people into a state of utmost joy in all the 24 hours of a day. On the one hand,we may use technological means to reduce human sleeping time. A […]