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Becoming Immortals on Life Transformation

Lifetime means “from cradle to tomb”,and we need education at every moment of our life. Usually, people only pay attention to the dozen or more years of education from primary school to college, but neglect other periods, regardless of whether it is more important or not. The goal of becoming gods is extremely great and […]

Automation-oriented Transformation for Becoming Gods

The god is someone who has the highest self-awareness and greatest freedom, and is most capable of automatic development. What is the highest prospect of production? Automation! What is the highest prospect of education? Also automation! “Teaching is meant to stop repeated teaching”: that is just the true meaning of education. Only such an education […]

Investment in Science for Human Being to Become Gods

In the whole society and the whole world, the investment in science is greatly different from that in military affairs and war: the difference is so great as if between sky and sea. In 2004, the military expenditures all over the world exceeded one trillion US$,whereas the total investment in the genome project in one […]

Daylong ecstasy and eternal life: two major goals of becoming gods

The two major goals of becoming gods are “daylong ecstasy” and “eternal life”. Daylong ecstasy is the maximization of “the daily amount of joy”. Eternal life will maximize the “number of days of joy”, so, the time effect of joy will have no bound or end, reaching eternity. Hence,according to the joy calculation formula,the joy […]

Becoming gods is ultimate objective of human development

Becoming gods is the ultimate objective of human development, being the supreme prospect of human development. Since we value human development,we should value becoming “gods”;Since we seek human development,we should seek becoming “gods”. Since human development is above everything, the value of becoming “gods” should also be greater than everything! Human development is both the […]

Becoming gods becomes tokens of waggery and absurdity

Now I am going to tell a story and an experiment. The protagonist is the elephant Lin Wang in the zoo. He is tied hard and fast by a small iron chain to a small cement pole. Lin Wang is both tall and strong,weighing several hundred kilograms,but he has been tied tamely all his life, […]

Mankind leap to immortals is greatest ideal

 Mao Zedong once wrote: “Believing a life of two hundred years, and thrashing water about for three thousand miles”. It shows his idealist and romantic mind. But in comparison,a “god” does not only have a “life of 200 years”,but lives forever and is merry forever, which is an idealism much greater and more romantic than […]