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World City Isreal’s Unique Scenery: from Jokul to Desert and Dead Sea

There’s no place like Tel Aviv to indulge your urban tastes. Classified by geographers as a “world city,” it offers museums, opera, theater and dance, fine restaurants. The Mediterranean location also means quality beach-time can be part of the experience.

Women Travel Advices: Caribbean Beat Travel Destinations

Whatever one is looking for be it nightlife, shopping, or activities, the Caribbean Islands provide a wide variety of options to a visitor. And some of the best travel destinations for women are in the Caribbean.

Honeymoon Travel Hotel Guide: World’s Best New Hotels for Romantic Love 2010

For a romantic travel, luxury hotel or villa seems needed.If you’re a couple who likes to be among the first to arrive at a fabulous new place, check out this list of places to love. We have collected top 10 world’s best hotels that are recently-opened for honeymoon travel in 2010. Many of them spared no expense in tempting guests by offering exceptional rooms, fare, and facilities.