Bangkok tour guide Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Exploring Bangkok Klongs and Canals through Chao Phraya River

Bangkok’s history has evolved along the banks of the Chao Phraya River and its adjoining canals. It may no longer be the “Venice of the East” described by early visitors, but the waterways still breathe life into the city.

Bangkok Most Famous Shrines: Erawan Shrine

Spirit houses are common throughout Thailand, and can be found outside almost every house and building. Most spirit houses do not develop into full-fledged shrines, Spirit houses in Thailand usually include doll-sized human figures, or perhaps a small figurine of Buddha.

Real Thai Serenity: Travel Around Bangkok’s Grenn Hideaways

Bangkok travel: Escape the heat and noise of Bangkok with a trip around the city’s green hideaways,a small peninsula jutting into the Chao Phraya River known as Bangkachao. It’s early on a bright tropical Thai Sunday morning and I’m standing at what many Thais consider to be the centre of Bangkok: Victory Monument.

Thailand Tour Guide: Places to Go and Things Should Do in Bangkok

Bangkok has dominated Thailand’s urban hierarchy as well as its political, commercial and cultural life since the late 18th century. Distinctly modern and Westernised, Bangkok is still a sleepy Thai village with a louder soundtrack of traffic and nightlife. Here is our top Thai hot list top 10 Bangkok must-do’s.