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What’s your favorite book or author, and why?

What’s your favorite book or author, and why? If it’s different from your favorite, what one book would you recommend to others? With the titles of the books you list, in two sentences, can you give a concise summary?

Wang Xiaoping Resume, Author of The Second Declaration

Wang Xiaoping, an author of best sellers, a scholar-typed orator and thinker,reputed as “Talented Girl”, “World-Shocking Genius”, “Goddess of Wisdom” and so on.  All her books have been listed as best sellers, such as Dacheng Success Theory, Ability Panic,  The Second Declaration and so on, winning wide recognition from readers of all walks of life, […]

Bibliography of Author of Team Flying

Bibliography of Author of Team Flying Adair, J (1987) Effective teambuilding, Pan, London De Bono, E (1985) Six thinking hats, Viking, Middlesex. Eales-White, R (1996) How to be a better teambuilder, Kogan Page, London Fisher, R and Sharp, A (1998) Lateral leadership: getting things done when you are not the boss, HarperCollins Publishers, London Guirdham, […]

The Second Declaration by Wang Xiaoping, a Book of Future Thinking

The Second Declaration is the first Chinese influential book in terms of “future thinking”. It is a book about Mystery of Fortune, about Future of Man, bout Prospect of Economy and about Truth of Fortune, Life and Dream The Book titled The Second Declaration is a remarkable work, which challenges Toffler’s the Third Wave, and works […]

An Open Letter to Plutocrats of the World

All Plutocrats in the World Who Have a Kind Heart and a High Sense of Responsibility:       Please accept my greeting!       I am a girl who cares about the fate of mankind, also the author of The Second Declaration. For the sake of our mankind’s most splendid and magnificent joint undertaking _ _ mankind’s Dacheng (great […]

Science Will Make Man Live Forever and Eternal

Science Will Make Man Live Forever and Eternal With the cooperation of all the scientists in the world and the collaboration of the governments from different countries, we see the hope of human. Earlier, we needed at least several decades of time to discover a new pathogen. But till the end of last century, we just […]