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Gene therapy benifits youth’s sight, changes patients’ vision

Gene therapy changes Steven Howarth’s vision, it aids youth’s sight The operation involves injecting fluid with missing gene within a modified virus into the eye. See how the treatment has changed Steven Howarth’s vision A 18-year-old whose sight was failing has had his vision improved in a pioneering operation carried out by doctors at Moorfields […]

Breast Cancer Symptoms: Women Warned of High Cancer Drink Risk

Breast Cancer: Women Warned of High Cancer Drink Risk Women who drink more than Government guideline levels are 50% more likely to develop breast cancer, the Department of Health said. A £10 million advertising campaign is being launched to target middle aged women who drink large glasses of wine and underestimate how much alcohol they […]

Breast Cancer Gene Ringleader Dims Anticancer Genes

Breast Cancer Gene Ringleader Dims Anticancer Genes. Gene, Called SATB1, Orders Other Breast Cancer Genes Into Action and Dims Anticancer Genes Breast cancer experts have a new prime suspect among breast cancer genes, and that finding could lead to new breast cancer treatments. The breast cancer gene in question, called SATB1, bosses other breast cancer […]