Ancient China Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Loving Kindness and Hating Evil

Everyone loves kind and righteous people and hate villainous and evil people from the bottom of their hearts. Judging from people’s feelings in time of reading a novel, seeing a movie or watching a TV play, we can see, they hate maleficences extremely and love kindness extremely too. The actor playing the part of Huang […]

Wisdom on Eternal Life and Immortality

Balzac engraved a motto in his walking stick: “I have broken obstacles one after another”, but Kaffka said: “Obstacles one after another have broken me”.  In the great undertaking of eternal life, it is very necessary for us to draw wisdom from Sun Tzu, the great strategist and sage of ancient China: “A wise man’s […]

First Medicine: Bian Ya Medicine of 21st Century

The current medicine is chiefly a curing medicine,and can only be called “Second Medicine”,because only preventive medicine is the “First Medicine”. Developing from curing to prevention,from taking curing first to taking prevention first,is the megatrend of development of the present medicine in the world.  The great Chinese medical scientist Sun Simiao of the Tang Dynasty […]

China Movement of seeking to become immortals and gods

 Faced with the sorrow of “When can life return after death?” and “Enjoy wine and song while we can, for life is short” (famous poem lines in ancient China), of course, great people like First Emperor of Qin Dynasty, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, Second Emperor of Tang Dynasty and so on, were not willing […]

Man will become saint or mahatma with supermundane qualities

God pities for all mankind, having a kind heart like Emperor Yao and Emperor Shun, ideal emperors in the legend of ancient China. The supreme end is the highest virtue, that is, having the supreme moral character and best quality. After becoming “immortal”, the “man” will become a saint or mahatma with supermundane qualities.Man will […]

Considerations of Wise Leaders

We cannot be optimistic superficially but should have a long view. We do not need the foolish idea of “either this or that”. If our expectation of advantage were tempered, we may succeed in accomplishing the essential part of our schemes. If, on the other hand, in the midst of difficulties we are always ready […]

The Great Wall – Great Project of Ancient China

The Great Wall is a great project of ancient China.  It is one of the most ancient and mightiest projects of the world. Its structure is very complicate and it has city walls, city customs, city terrace and smoke terraces. It starts from Jiayu Custom in the west and ends in Shanhai Custom in the […]