Alvin Toffler Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Never Mind What Experts Said

In the present time characterized by more and more minute subdivision of disciplines, we give more and more credit to experts and worship them more and more blindly. So long as it is said by an expert, it is correct, one hundred percent doubtless. If a wrong viewpoint is uttered by a man in the […]

Wang Xiaoping to Transcend Alvin Toffler

What is the true source of the crisis of mankind? It is the lack of thinking on our own future. The 21st century calls for real thinkers caring about mankind’s future. I wish to be such a thinker.  In the recent two years, when people asked me what kind of books I was writing, I […]

Outer Space Industry and Universe Economy

Space tourism , space farming, space industry… Ask for energy from outer space… Seek homesteads from outer space… Establish diplomatic relations with high intelligent beings… so as to solve all sorts of problems that cannot be solved on the earth. The eminent futurist Alvin Toffler became world famous because of his prediction of information economy […]

Wang Xiaoping VS Alvin Toffler: a battle between East and West

 Wang Xiaoping VS Alvin Tofler: a battle between East and West In a fishbowl were living a cabrilla and many tiny fish. After the glass separated the cabrilla from the tiny fish, whenever the cabrilla tried to catch the tiny fish, he knocked against the glass and failed every time. Later, the glass was removed, […]

A Shocking Future Picture of The Second Declaration

The Second Declaration Wang Xiaoping To get rid of the tribulation of aging, disease and death, is mankind’s eternal wish;To steal the heavenly fire of life is mankind’s perpetual dream. Can such a wish be realized? Yes! Can such a dream become reality? Yes! By the miraculous power of technology, mankind will realize the dream […]