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Lexmark, Gladiator In Internet Time

Similar to the imported Hollywood movie Gladiator, Lexmark also put on a sensational scene in China. Providing customerized solutions according to different requirements by different industries and different end user community has been the key reason for BPD to maintain stable continuous development at a high speed.

EF-Online Commitments: High Accountability and Cost Effectiveness

AdThe Commitments: High Accountability, Fast Turnaround and Cost Effectiveness. Information about foreign products and markets, as well as overseas media material can be readily accessed, and often on your desk the following day. We also believe in a media and creative working partnership which encourages innovation and synergy between The concept and where it is placed.

Mini Culture Center: Creation in Mind

Mini Culture Center Heads through the Door Thoughts in the Till. MCC understands better than anyone that creation has to work hard, and work now. Once we were a solely design & publishing agency. Today we are more broadly based with a diverse range of clients, but we have found no reason to alter the basic tenets upon which MCC was built.