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Must-do Outdoor Activities in Costa Rica, Adventure Traveler’s Mecca

Discover Costa Rica’s best eco-adventures, Costa Rica should be primed on the radars of every eco-savvy traveler hoping their next trip will include days spent soaring through treetops รก la Tarzan and nights spent ogling rare rainforest species.

Travel to Sahara Desert: Desert Adventures Within Intrepid Travelers’ Reach

From the Red Sea to the fringes of the Mediterranean coast, the Sahara spills across more than 3 million square miles in North Africa — an area that is vaster than Australia. Like pyramids of exotic spices stacked across the horizon, subject to sculpting by the whimsy of the wind, the cumin- and cinnamon-colored sands of the Sahara have long lured intrepid travelers.

Asia Natural Scenery: Top of the World ‘Little Tibet’ Ladakh

Ladakh, known as ‘Little Tibet’, is a bastion of Buddhist calm in a wild, remote region. With a seven-strong herd of endangered Tibetan antelope, hunted elsewhere in the Himalayas for their prized shahtoosh wool.

Adventure All-over the World: 4 Active Adventure Events and Destinations

While being couch potato is fine for a time, lounging around (even on vacation) can get old fast. Instead of throwing in the proverbial beach towel, take an active detour — one that promises a heart-thumping adrenaline rush and a good, old-fashioned workout. If nothing else, it’ll make that late-night hot tub soak feel hard earned.

Take A Scuba Diving Trip and Get Close to Reef Sharks in Cairns

The beauty of scuba diving is almost anyone can do it. The only requirements are good basic health and a reasonable fitness level. Before taking a trip, be sure to stay warm and take your vitamins in the lead-up. It’s thrilling to come face to face with one of nature’s great predators. Three days earlier I had arrived at Cairns to begin a five-day open-water dive course for beginners with Pro Dive.

Costa Rica Three Travel Ways: The Countryside Luxury, Adventure and Eco-tourism

Costa Rica, which once promised to be a hot spot for vacation homes. Think of Costa Rica as a Rorschach test for travelers. Outlined on a map, it has no recognizable shape. But enclosed in tropical lines of latitude, with appropriate squiggles for mountains, coasts and interior borders, it’s an inkblot for projecting travel fantasies. Beach lovers trace the craggy coasts and see hammocks swinging in the sunset breeze. The eyes of the nature-minded glaze when they note all the national parks. And adrenaline fanatics fixate on the mountains and rivers.