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Organism gene technology and life sciences put the laurel of God onto scientists heads

Science has won brilliant victories one after another, and science is speeding up mankind’s progress increasingly, making all impossibilities into possibilities very soon. As early as the 17th century,Bacon said, “Science has made us closer to God”. In the present 21st century, the organism gene technology and life science and technology have already put the […]

Deities help mankind become gods

In the dictionary, the original meaning of “deity” is “a supernatural existence in religion, superstition or myth, with personality and human consciousness, being an illusory and distorted reflection of the external power in the human mind”, and its extended meanings are: “extraordinary, and unimaginable”, “an existence with limitless power”.  Ancient people entrusted their god-becoming dream […]

Two Gods of Human Being

Yesterday Adam Smith called the market “a hidden hand”; today, we called the science & technology “a hidden head”. In 17th century AD, Bacon said: “Science pulls us closely to God”; in 21st century AD, we believe that “Science is god!” New science and technologies are emerging one after another. The using of science and […]