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Rich Poor Gap in China: How Poor Chinese People Come Out

How the poor come out in China? Why are some poor while others rich? Are the rich all higher animals? The poorest group in China are farmers who has been famous for their diligence and tolerance of hardship for a long history. This article is translated from Tianya forum, China.

A Gap Between Rich And Poor Has Widened In China

A Gap Between Rich And Poor Has Widened In China

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said we should pay more attention to the poor when he answered the questions of the journalists at the NPC&CPPCC, which moved so many people. Because there was no poor people in China in the report forms from the National Statistic Institute. One multi-millionaire and a poor person are averaged by the  National Statistic Institute, they are all millionaires as a result. To admit the poor existing and paying more attention to them is a unprecedented progress.

Next, we will wait and see how they focus on the poor from the angle of policy making. Before that, we want to discuss with you about how the poor come out? Why the others are successful while they are so poor since they are all higher animals? For a long time, we think the reason for that is because they are lazy. Early bird catches the worms. But the early birds are frozen to death – the poorest group in China is the peasants who are famous for their diligence and tolerance of hardship.

We know the gap between the poor and the rich was not so great at the beginning of the reform and opening up policies. Farmers can go in for farming and do some subsidiary business, which was easy for them to ten-thousand-yuan household. As to the worker, so long as you go to work and come off duty on time without causing trouble to the leaders and quarreling with wife, you can lead a good life. However, the price of grain stays unchanged for years while the price of the Agricultural Materials raises again and again. It is really a joke that you can become rich just depending on farming. The situation the workers is as bad as the peasants. Three mountains, price of the houses, medication and education , push down them. Even though you have a completed apartment, you still worry that one night the developer and the government will jointly have it pulled down.

Remember when the poor were proud for their children can study in the university. Getting to the university become a way for the poor to change the destiny and enter the high society. But things are really different now. The best resource of education are concentrated on the residential area of high class in the metropolis and it is impossible for the urban poor to enjoy. So the poor lose the game just at the starting line.

In fact, even though you get the admission of the university, the high tuition will become a lion in the way. And even if you finish your university by the educational loads, you will find it so difficult to get a decent job. To be a civil servant is a dream, but is is just a dream because more than 90% will be sifted out. What about starting an undertaking? It was a good choice at the period of dinglei and mayun 10 years ago. But now, the threshold for the young to start an undertaking is higher with more risk so many young people would rather borrow money to buy house than borrow money to start a business. Sometimes, i am confused are they becoming sordid or the world become more dangerous?

Yes, that is how the poor become poorer. In every step, there is the absence of equality and justice and the crazy game of power and money. We are always saying  “Knowledge can change the destiny” . No, in this epoch, only power and money can change destiny. The heirs of the rich are called the 2nd generation of the rich while the offsprings of the poor are called the 2nd generation of the rich. Everything is written when you are still a tadpole (sperm). If we want to change the present situation, just give the poor more rights of citizens and grant them the equal citizen treatments instead of the opposite things.

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