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Report on Green Forestations and China Tour

Report on Green Forestations and China Tour

Green is the symbol of life. Without green, a place will appear to be lifeless; and human beings there, will lost the space of survival and the origin of life. Or more, the present people will repeat the history of some ancient civilizations. When there is green, desolate deserts will turn into oasis that can produce good harvests; the mountains and rivers of our motherland will become more elegant and beautiful; and the dust-covered cities will be more fresh and clean.

Forestation is an undertaking for common good and is the responsibility of all social members. Through forestation, we can change our environment better; we can inhale fresher air; our life will become more colorful; and our feeling will be distilled in thick green vegetations. Forestation affects our state of mind too. We can enjoy the relaxation after work in a green environment.

Fore more than half a century, the Communist Party Central Committee and the State Council of China put great emphasis on forestation. Forestation has made great achievements in China. Particularly after the 1980s, the obligatory planting of trees become more and more populous among all Chinese people. Workers, farmers, cardres, PLA men, students and people in all walks of the society, from the aged to young children, all participated in this great forestation movement.. Each year, there are more than 500 million man-time people participate in the forestation. They made their contributions to the forestation and environment protection of our motherland. For the time being, the covering rate of forests in our country has reached 16.5%; the forestation covering rate of cities has increased to 27.4%; the areas of artificial forestation in China ranks number one in the world. 12 of our provinces have wiped out desolate mountains and partial biological environment is greatly changed.

Ever since ancient time, many people made their contributions to forestations. Many men and women of letters described the beautiful mountains and rivers of our country. Modern people have many inventions and forestation stamp is one of them. The National Forestation Committee of China compiles a stamp album named “Forestation in China”. It is an accumulated collection of stamps about forestation; it reflects the achievements of the Chinese people in forestation and the beautiful sceneries of China. It will play an important role in intensifying people’s sense of forestation, cultivating people’s interests in forestation, and in educating their love for forestation.

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