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Reasons for Writing Second Declaration

Say what others should say but have not said, say what others should say but cannot say, say what others should say but dare not say

After finishing Ability Panic, why did I want to write The Second Declaration, a book that is quite different from the last one in area?
 To tell the truth,before Ability Panic was completely finished, I was already deeply attracted by this subject. It is because of the world-shocking news on June 26, 2000, and also because of my mental sedimentation of many years.

 I still clearly remember, on June 26, 2000, the scientists from six countries participating in the human genome project announced simultaneously:Taking 10 years, the drawing of the human genome sketch has been completed at last! This shocking news was like a great stone that has stirred up thousands of waves, causing a great sensation throughout the world at once! In the meantime,centering on a series of great social impacts brought about by this great achievement in gene research, people everywhere had a heated discussion. Some clapped their hands for joy, some gave a deep sigh, some were excited, some were worried, and there were news stories one after another in newspapers and magazines. After reading the many comments by reporters, common people and many experts,frankly speaking, I was not satisfied. I felt in them there was just some claptrap hokum, or nonsensical contests, or pessimistic sayings by some conservatives. No one has ever uttered what I want to say, and no one has stood on the high-point of “caring about mankind’s well-being” and taken a scientific attitude to make a systematic research on the great impacts this gene research finding will bring to us!

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