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Read The Second Declaration A Futurology Great Book Written By Wang Xiaoping

The Second Declaration has come into being. She just likes a lighting, which has lacerated the night sky to welcome the dawn of human mutation. It is the same as any other books of this era and greets readers after the package. With the information exploration, knowledge exploration and the surging of new thoughts just liking tidewater, attention resource becomes rare on the contrary. Therefore, some people called knowledge economy as eyeball economy. I read this futurology great book in a breath and I think many people may stand for a long queue to buy this book in front of bookstores, while, the situation is not like what I have imaged. ”Have you read The Second Declaration? This is the “first futurology book owned by Chinese people” and is regarded as the book that shall exceed The Third Wave that was wrote by Toffler and has been sold for 20 million volumes in the world. It has more forward-looking, pioneering and creativeness.” When I was recommended this book to surrounding people, I used the words on the cover of this book, and I thought I could persuade others to buy and read this book, and enjoy the excitement and happiness of this book. But the response that I had received made me just like a “capper”.   I was a little anxious and I worries that people would give up their “right to know the future” and may take the blue print of human mutation described in this book as the same as other news to be discussed at people’s leisure time. Although the author and the editor had emphasized the things like “package”, this book still can not get success in the competition of attracting people’s eyeball. When you enter into the bookstore today, you will see many words of “world first, domestic first, unique, theory of success, theory of management, theory of thick and black, revolution, surpass, global, classical, top, super-class, …”. No matter how to decorate the book, the book will be overlooked in the market and have not waited for being popular and attracting attentions from readers. The first version of The Second Declaration was published in January of 2003 and it has 80 thousand volumes. In the appendix of The Secrete of Wang Xiaoping, the journalist Lu Ye said: “the appearance of Wang Xiaoping is the disaster of book industry. When all the writers are thinking how to make their books to have tens of thousands of sales volume, her book has been sold for over 100 thousand volumes, and one book is more popular than the other”. When we are amazing about this, we are a little sad: in the global village of 6 million people, this just likes putting a small stone into the sea, and we can not see a dimple. Another thing is that this book is a great book to discuss the future and destiny of human. Thus, it shall attract more eyeballs of people than current any other international and domestic events.  “The first” here not only proves the value of this book, but also identifies the drag of Chinese futurology. In another word, will it have a huge potential? While, when you finished this book and was thinking for it, surprising, excitement and proud will be collected at you heart—it is not for being a Chinese people, but for being a human—a human that is different with other things in this world! From now on, you will know a great fact: human is conquering death and will live forever! And you will know this mythological fact will take place on the people of this generation in this global village just liking you and me! Can you find a thing that is more important, excited and inspired than this event? You will re-consider life and will more cherish life, the life of you and your same kind. When the author was explaining the name of this book, he wrote: in my view, human have two times of declaration. The first declaration is where human came from, and the second declaration is to announce where people will go. Darwin had put forward the world surprising answer—human was evolved from ape, which had solved the problem of where human had come from, and this is the first declaration. To define “where people will go” is more important than the definition of “where human had come from”. This book is to solve such important problem of “where human will go”.

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