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Rate My Teacher Career: Why not to respect teachers?

Rate My Teacher: Why don’t you respect teachers? In this article, a teacher compains the phenomemon that students and their parents do not respect teachers any more. Coming up next, School Fights: Female Teacher and School Girl Conflict.

School Fights Female Teacher and School Girl Conflict

School Fights Female Teacher and School Girl Conflict

Teacher Complaints: Having been teaching for sixteen years, I have heared too much critical comments for teachers. Whatever people think about teachers, I think most of teachers in the society is responsible for their classes and students. You could hardly hear their complaints for their work, could you?

We teachers have no time to take care of our childen because we have to offer additional classes to students. In return, however, we have to receive critiques since parents compain that their children come back home too late.  Alas, I cannot understand why we are thrown in such a situation. Few people could know how much we teachers have sufffered. Generally speaking, we feel hurt in our hearts worse than that in our bodies. What a society.

As teachers, we have to be a good guide to students and act rightfully.  We have little chance to behave as what we want. We can not cry when we feel sorrow. We can not call someone names when we get angry. We can not grouse before the students when we get dissatisfiled. But why? Just because every single behavior of us could have a subtle influence on our school boys and girls.

No matter how much sad and miserable we go through and no matter what bring up against our life, teachers have to smile and be cheerfull to students. We are standing in the front of the classroom while we give lectures in the class. We are talking and explaining something while we guarantee every school students, including one at the last row, to be able to listen and get every world clearly.

In the morning, the first thing we teachers always do is to look over the class. We will get pleased with that school boys and girls are lost in reading books. In the class, it matters whether we missed some points. It cares about what ability should be developed and deeped.  Sometimes we offer some good article collected in the day’s work. We just hope they could leran more knowleges.

If our students get ill at school, we teachers will have the duty to inform this to their parents. Last year, when the H1N1 flu indulged in wilful persecution, there were students who got fever everyday. We have to use our own cellphones to call their families.

We come back home in deep nights after school, with dozen of compositions in our hand. We have to check every single piece of the compositions, one by one, dot by dot. The compositions are less interesting than novels, Really.  Nevertheless, we would never drop one aside when tired. We would look over homeworks of every student seriously, and mark them with some heratening words to encourage students. We encourage them to study hard and make progress. We pursuade them to do homework themselves and don’t use the service homework help online. We make great effort to find better teaching methods to improve our teaching education. We even forget our teacher salaries and teaching job!

Truely, we teachers have much work to do in daily life. For instance, we have to prepare for lessons, look over schoolworks and mark examination papers. Besides, we have to talk to students about their life and psychological health. We have to care about our students’ life, including their learning and their minds. We have to settle conflicts between our pupils. After a busy day, we are so exhausted that we do not want to move. We teachers do not have any appetite with ache all over backs and faint through heads.

Teachers Embarrassment: As teachers, we should get respected. As one old Chinese saying goes, All people betweem heaven and earth love and reverence teachers. Why not change our positions and assume, if you were a teacher, how would you do to deal with your work? Will you make it better?

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