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Questioning Life: Both Confucius and Robber Zhi have become motes

 “Both Confucius and Robber Zhi have become motes”. Confucius was the greatest mahatma but Robber Zhi was the most notorious robber. Yet, whether you are a saint or a robber, you have no way to escape death, and after death, both will turn to dust and ashes.

A rich guy has become a Chairman of the Board of Directors possessing assets of millions of dollars from abject poverty, because of “desperate struggle” of more than one decade. But now he is lying on the sickbed, on the verge of leaving this world. When some of his adorers came to visit him, he said: “I would rather be a pauper now. If I could exchange, I would use all my family properties of millions of dollars to exchange for life…

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