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Qinghai Tour Album – Beautiful Place Near From You

Qinghai Province is a cherubic place in China.

With the coming of the new millennium, Qinghai is calling for ancient vocation, bringing the sanctity and mystification, coming from long history, along with the hopeful road which is developed by Huanghe River and Yangtze River pouring down to the sea and the world. It is dreaming in hopeful and longing new century. The water of Huanghe River and Yangtze River emanates from Qinghai and pours into the sea, and it never comes back to Qinghai.

Qinghai is located in a plateau with mountain bones and rich water resources. It bears fully energetic and vigorous lives. Entering into the headstream of rivers of the land of seven hundred thousand square meters, the visitors are often surprised by the extreme largeness and majesty of it.

Qinghai boasts grand land and famous mountains, the Kunlun ridge so-called as “Dragon Pulse” is bestriding over the whole province with 2500 km long; the Tangula Mountain, Bayankela Mountain and Qilian Mountain locate in south and north of Kunlun forming complexity. The mother streams—Huanghe River and Yangtze River come from jokuls and Lancang River, Nu River come from the sunrise of plateau. The mountains gestate rivers and the rivers gestate lakes, and in turn the lakes moisten prairie. In this majestic landscape, Qinghai reveals colorized plateau scene. The grand and blue Qinghai Lake is the biggest inland lake and salt water lake in China, also is one of national scenery zones; the Bird Island in the middle of the lake attracts hundreds thousands of migratory birds in spring and summer; the Mengda Lake surrounded by green forests is called as “Xishuangbanna” in Qinghai; the mysterious and majestic Sanjiangyuan Natural Protection Zone shows the theme of permanence of ecology and environment; the pasture grounds with rich water, grasses, numerous flowers and spots of cows and sheep are just like painting works; Huzhubei Mountain and Kanbura National Forest Park is green in with thick forest and scenery waters. In Qinghai, wherever you are hiking in a high mountain or rippling in water, you can enjoy boldness and grandeur. 

Qinghai is a place resided by multiple nationalities, the Han, Tibetan, Tu, Hui, Sala, Mongolian nationalities developed a warm and honest great family. Each of them developed respective history and culture, life convention and modes of production. They jointly compose eternal human scenery in the past, now and future. From the sculptures, frescos, and barbolas of Taer Temple, Qutan Temple, you can learn religious history and culture of Tibetan in Qinghai; seeing “Anzhao Dance”, “Lunzi Qiu” of Tu people and high-spirited Sala people’s “New Song”, you can taste folk-customs of those unique nationalities in Qinghai. From the Three Great Art Works of Taer Temple, colored porcelain of Liuwan and spirit of Regong art, you can peep into Qinghai people’s persuit of happy life, and also can see their rich imagination and creativity in construction, painting, sculpture, letters, astronomy and geography. 

Since new China’s establishment, especially in the past 20 years of opening to outside world and reform, Qinghai has taken placed great change in every aspects, the feeling of too far and desolation has been gone.

Today, the Qinghai-Tibet sailway and Qinghai-Tibet Highway connect the plateau and inland together, and the flight courses connect over 20 middle and big sized cities in China. The extended highway net, railways, flight courses and modernized communication network shortens the distance to the world, and also hand over the beautiful melody of “From the Far Place” to everywhere in the world. In this time of developing west China, Qinghai will open it more to outside world. In the aspect of tour site development, Qinghai has developed four main tour sites characterized by natural scenes and nationality cultures. Centered by Xining, it has formed Hehuang tour site with Taer Temple, Mengda Lake, Qutan Temple and Liuwan Colored Porcelain, Datong Laoye Mountain, Huzhubei Moutain etc; centered by Qinghai Lake, it has formed Round Qinghai Lake tour site with Bird Island, Haibei Yuanzi City, Triangle City Legacy and Balong International Hunting Site, Longyang Gorge Hydroelectric Station; Qingnan tour site with Regong Art, Kanbura National Forest Park, Lijiaxia Hydroelectric Station, Yushu Nationality Dance and Song and River Source Exploration, Animaqing jokul Exploration which are characterized by national culture and exploration tour; Germu tour site with motorcycle race, fable seeking, nominated mountain seeing, tour to Tibet, Dunhuang grotto, Xinjiang.

Qinghai attracts more and more attraction form the world with Qinghai emotion and its beautiful sceneries. Qinghai is not far anymore, it is tending towards to the world. 

This “Qinghai Tour Album” which collected many aspects of nature and life of Qinghai sets its object to help you learn more about Qinghai and guide you into Qinghai and its plateau. As hosts, we take a piece of window as pure white Hada, toast a cup of sweet wine to you and sincerely welcome new and old friends to the plateau and Qinghai.

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