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Pop Laws, a Legal Research Center on Legal Issues

Pop Laws, a Centre for European Law and American Legal Studies, with International Legal Studies Program. Here We Shall Learn Justice, Law & Legal Studies Career Center.

Pop Laws, a Legal Research Center on Legal Issues. Find the law fascinating? Would you love to work in a courtroom—or would you prefer to investigate a crime scene? How about spending your time ferreting out white-collar crime? Jobs in some justice, law and legal fields are growing faster than average. Find out which careers are your best match, and what you need to do to qualify.

1. Computer Forensics and Crime Investigators
2. Paralegal and Legal Assistant
3. Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) and Forensic Science Investigator
4. Emergency Management Director
5. Forensic Accountant and Fraud Examiner
6. Correctional Officer
7. Private Investigator and Detective
8. Security Officer
9. Police Officer and Detective
10. Claims Adjuster and Fraud Investigator

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Champlain College Bowling Green State University

International Legal Studies Program Where the World Meets to Study Law

One of the first truly international programs, the LLM program in International Legal Studies is ranked sixth in the United States among international law LLM programs and is currently the only program in the United States to offer a dual LLM/MBA degree.

A program over 25 years old and still growing, the ILSP was established in 1980 in response to a growing demand for lawyers trained in international law. With over 142 students from 53 countries, the International Legal Studies Program at the American University Washington College of Law is one of the most intellectually and culturally diverse programs in the nation. The program incorporates a rich array of international law courses and seminars, experiential learning, and special events which allow our students to interact and network with esteemed faculty, international attorneys, diplomats, business leaders, and policy makers.

Our recognized 24 full-time faculty members and 40 adjunct faculty members are leading practitioners in their field. Our diverse faculty have established strong alliances with various international, governmental, and nongovernmental organizations such as the World Bank, the World Wildlife Fund, the United Nations, the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights, the Inter-American Development Bank and regional organizations such as Central and East European Law Initiative (CEELI).
Areas of Specialization 
Application Information

Other Law International Programs

International Business Law
International Environmental Law
International Human Rights Law
Gender & the Law
Free Trade Agreements & Regional Integration
International Organizations
International & Comparative Protection of Intellectual Property
Academy on Human Rights & Humanitarian Law (English/Spanish)
Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law
Humphrey Fellowship Program
International Arbitration Program
International Visiting Scholars Program
Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property
Program on International and Comparative Environmental Law
United Nations Committee against Torture Project
War Crimes Research Office
Women & International Law Program

Centre for European Law and Legal Studies

The Centre of European Law and Legal Studies (CELLS) builds on a longer tradition of European Law researchers at the University of Leeds. We have had a specialist centre since 1993.

Here at CELLS, we are committed to high quality research, not only in doctrinal aspects of European law, but also in the wider field of European Legal Studies, which extends to research themes involving interdisciplinary content.
Focusing on the European Union

Our point of departure is the model character of the European Union. This polity and its law are the focus of global attention for providing new ways of organising trans-national law and delivering international governance rather than traditional international law.

The EU model for economic and social constitutionalism is of particular importance to us. Resting as much on the laws and traditions of its Member States as on substantive EU law, it requires European legal research to be comparative.
Three key areas

We organise our research into three focal points: “European and International Equality Law”, “Governance and Legitimacy at European Level” and “Economic and Social Constitutionalism as Europe’s Societal Base”. These contribute towards establishing a specific Leeds approach to European law and legal studies.

CELLS consists of eleven full time academic staff plus PhD researchers and other researchers working on specific projects. The Centre is a Partner in the University of Leeds’ Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence, thus offering links to political sciences, economics and media studies.

Find the law fascinating? Would you love to work in a courtroom—or would you prefer to investigate a crime scene? How about spending your time ferreting out white-collar crime?

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