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Peach Blossom Beauty: a Skin Care Oral Liquid for Girls

Peach Blossom Beauty: an oral liquid product for girls. Offer a good recipe for women who desire to get back their lost elegance and brilliance.

Peach Blossom Beauty Make up Girl

Peach Blossom Beauty Make up Girl

Peach Blossom Beauty Cosmetic Product: Surprisingly this year I got two bunches of beautiful roses, yellow and red. My hubby let me guess the price. Hopefully my sharp price sensitivity based upon the weekly grocery shopping insight did not scare away the lovers’ romantic moment.

If red rose tells ebullient, zealous and long lasting love, yellow rose says implicit dignity. That glow reflects the cherished friendship and the delight of the moment being together between lovers.

In our marriage and friendship, we appreciate the past journey walking side by side and embrace passion and respect moving towards future.

Peach Blossom Beauty are detailed as follows:

Injury of our skin results from:

External Causes: Air pollution, long-wave ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight and harmful substances in the air bring unprecedented injuries to our skin. For this reason, sunburn has been the main factor to injure our skin.

Internal Causes: Because of many factors, such as pressure resulting from fast tempo, endless desires and heavy thinking of modern life, mental exhaustion from redundant night life, excess nutrient, improper recuperation in post partum, and some other unknown occasions, we are suffered from endocrine dyscrasia, deficiency of the kidney, hyperactivity of fire, stagnation of the liver-qi, so that qi and blood cannot nourish and moisten our skin and brown patches appear on our skin; for these reasons, some women suffered a lot, such as absence of menstruation, dysmenorrhea, distension and pain of the breasts, mental depression, bad temper, impairment of mentality without cause, hypofunction of liver and metabolism decrease in premenstruum, so that the precipitate of melanochrome cannot be inhibited and forms various freckles in their faces.

Because of the above-mentioned reasons, we develop the Peach Blossom Beauty Skin-maintaining Oral Liquid of brand ” Fire Phoenix”, in order to offer a good recipe for women who desire to get back their lost elegance and brilliance.

The Oral Liquid does not contain hormone.

1. Peach Blossom Beauty Skin-maintaining Oral Liquid is developed for:

(1) Adult Lady (good effect especially for women in puerperium)

(2) Women suffering from endocrine dyscrasia, mental depression, distension and pain of the breasts in premenstruum, and absence of menstruation.

(3) Women suffering from overfatigue and overstrain, with fulvous freckles, chromatosis and senile plaques on their faces.

(4) Women with coarse and fulvous skin, or with acnes and skin diseases on their face.

2. Functions of Peach Blossom Beauty Skin-maintaining Oral Liquid

As an oral administration health-care medicine, Peach Blossom Beauty Skin-maintaining Oral Liquid is characterized by easy absorption and quick effect. It mainly aims to regulating the endocrine, pitutary and gonad axle of organism, and it can apparently improve premenstruum syndrome (such as distress in the loins, distress and distension of the breasts, dysmenorrhea, and untoward reaction of skin thereby), delay climacteric, relive climacteric symptom, invigorate qi and nourish the blood, and boost metabolism and blood circulation of skin. After the oral liquid has been taken for 2 weeks, one would be spirited with fair and florid face, on which acnes and comedoes are decreased and chloasma, chromatosis and wrinkles are taken off, and skin is improved, and such disease as lipide alopecia is abated.

Dosage: 10 ML for each time in the morning and evening in one day. The Oral Liquid will take effect within 4 weeks (one course of treatment). If it is taken for more than 3 courses of treatment, one will be fair and tender in skin on which speckles are disappeared. If it is taken for 10 ML before one’s sleeping every night, one will enjoy the effect of health care and keeping youth. If it is taken regularly, one will be young and vigorous.

Peach Blossom Beauty Cosmetics: With time passing by, something like freckles appears on our skin, and our faces are not so glabrous and fair as before. As a result, we have to turn our face to cosmetics if we want to conceal the trace left by years. Editing by Alice Liu

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