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Who Would Win a Third Sino-Japanese War? Who Will Win War Between China and Japan?

Third Sino-Japanese War, Who Would Win? Who will win a war between China and Japan? Who Needs the Third Sino-Japanese War? Who will be the Dream of Pacific Empire? Outline a few of the conditions of the third Sino-Japnese war, and you can imagine.

What If Japan Claims Hawaii? What Actions Would U.S. Government Take?

What if Japan claims Hawaii? What actions would U.S. government take? Would you U.S. support Japan? Chinese philanthropist Chen Guangbiao’s Diaoyu Island ad on New York Times. What would the American people feel if Japan announced that Hawaii is Japanese territory? What actions would U.S. government take?

Diaoyu Islands Dispute Solutions: Senkakus Conflict Resolution & Management

Diaoyu Islands Dispute Solution: Japan Buys Diaoyu Islands, and China Buys Tokyo. So who owns Diaoyu islands will not be an issue. Here we relates to Diaoyu Islands Conflict Resolution & Management. Since Tokyo wants to buy Diaoyu islands, China can buy Tokyo from one house to a whole complex and then from this street to that street.

Who Owns Diaoyu Islands? Taiwan, China or Japan?

Who Owns Diaoyu Islands? Taiwan, China or Japan? Diaoyu Islands belong to China. Japan cannot unilaterally claim it when China had been using it for centuries! Although it may have been under Japan for 100 yrs, it is a wrong that needs correction! If I were China, I would just nuke Japan!

Diaoyu Islands Are China’s Inherent Territory, History Proves

Diaoyu Islands Are China’s Inherent Territory, history proves. No doubt, the islands have historically been a part of China’s territory. The Diaoyu Islands appeared on China’s map since the Ming Dynasty of China. Read the article and you’ll see.

Production and Operations Management Further Strengthened in Online Banking Services

NBC has formulated production and operation management process, and strengthened the technological management. It has further strengthened the computer security of the National Bank of China, and finished the layout of the bank system and network security system, and performed the security and reformation project of the data center network of the head office.

Dynamics of Innovation in Online Banking and Financial Services

Online Banking and Financial Services Innovation Accelerated. National Bank of China has constructed the on-line banking system based on the tier-three network in this country, and realized account inquiry and management, fund remittance, online payment, bank securities accounts transfer and foreign exchange trading through Internet.

Comprehensive Business Systems Applications Based on Traditional Business Reformation and Modern Information Technology

Comprehensive business system is a large application software system of NBC, on the basis of traditional business reformation and modern information technology. National Bank of China has completely put into production in public systems and subsystems, and finished retail in subsystems of bank cards in some parts.

Internet Network System Increasingly Strengthened in Functions and Management

National Bank of China has formulated the construction scheme of tier-three network systems of the bank, and made the extension of tier-one network. National Bank of China starts the network monitoring control system project, to make effective management of the network system of the bank.

National Bank of China Improves Online Banking Software System Development

National Bank of China has developed the application system, which takes comprehensive business system, credit comprehensive management system and database application as predominance, and is at the highest position in financial industry.