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Twelve Girls Band, China

There are some problems in performance style of national music. The music works of ‘Twelve Girls Band’ should be a breakthrough in composition and are quite cultured in rhythm. They are very pleasant to listen. Of course, they also must continuously exert the special skills of ‘Twelve Girls Band’ in musical performance. Because in the […]

An Open Letter to US President George W. Bush

Dear President Bush:       Please accept my greeting!       I am an ordinary Chinese Man fond of thinking and caring about the future of mankind and the future of the world. Today, I have just got my newly published book The Second Declaration, and what occurred to my mind first was to send a copy to you. […]

An Open Letter to Plutocrats of the World

All Plutocrats in the World Who Have a Kind Heart and a High Sense of Responsibility:       Please accept my greeting!       I am a girl who cares about the fate of mankind, also the author of The Second Declaration. For the sake of our mankind’s most splendid and magnificent joint undertaking _ _ mankind’s Dacheng (great […]

Science Will Make Man Live Forever and Eternal

Science Will Make Man Live Forever and Eternal With the cooperation of all the scientists in the world and the collaboration of the governments from different countries, we see the hope of human. Earlier, we needed at least several decades of time to discover a new pathogen. But till the end of last century, we just […]

Acclaim for the Birth of Great Thoughts

Obviously, the author wants to emphasize the importance of the thought put forward by this book and to mention it in the same breath of evolutionism. And it guides the evolutionism as the first declaration of human. To think carefully, it may be not reasonable. Evolutionism is to discover and admit the existing fact and […]

Overmatch without Enemy and It Will overcome Wisdom

Overmatch without Enemy and It Will overcome Wisdom1 Theory of EinsteinAlbert Einstein summarized the essence of success according to his success that “Iron will is more important than wisdom and learning.” This is not only his own experience, but also has been demonstrated by scientific research.  2 Realization is dearer, but both can be given […]

Great success education believes that every one could be in Great success

Great success education holds that only merging above eight items of education into our education system, we can train full development man. Following it continues about potential development. Great success education believes that every one could be in Great success. Why is it? For everyone has great potentials, which is the basic point of Great […]

Is Great Success Education an Elite Education and Education of Minority

Is great success education an elite education and education of minority? In fact, great success education is for public and every one. For we believe each of us has great potentials, and each one could make the best. Above discussed great success education is the further innovation based on father’s thoughts. At the same time, […]

Spring on a Moonlight River (Ensemble)

Spring on a Moonlight River is the name of a piece of music in Songs and Odes – Wu Style Songs of the official conservatory in the Han Dynasty. The composer has been unknown and the original lyric has been long lost. This old title had been recomposed by many people in Chinese history, including […]