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Overseas Travelers' Guide: International Business Travel Tips

What shold be considered when planning for an overseas trip, especaially on a world business travel? Business travel can include international world travel; check international travel coverage, take language courses and obtain foreign currency prior to overseas travel

overseas business travel tips

overseas business travel tips

Many considerations should be taken before traveling internationally. As soon as the itinerary is set, book airline and other travel tickets, as prices can increase dramatically closer to the travel dates. In addition, consider the following to prepare for overseas travel.

Overseas Travel Coverage for Health Insurance
Consult with the Human Resources department to make sure that the health insurance policy includes overseas travel coverage; some companies require a different international travel medical insurance. In addition, airline policies can vary; check with the airline or personal/homeowner’s insurance to see what might be covered when traveling abroad, including lost luggage and flight changes or cancellations.

Language Courses to Learn Key Phrases
Determine what language or dialect is spoken at the destination. Prepare in advance by enrolling in language courses or learn the language online. In addition to a few key phrases, also keep a phrasebook handy in flight and at the destination.

Consider Culture and Customs
Before departing, take time to learn about the culture and customs of the destination to educate one’s self and avoid awkward faux pas. For example, some countries have specific rituals that are completed when exchanging business cards. Find out about the country’s business dress code and other essential information to avoid making cultural mistakes.

Exchange Money to Obtain Foreign Currency
Prior to traveling, exchange money for the foreign currency used at the destination. In addition, consider traveler’s checks or international prepaid credit cards for any purchases that may be made overseas.
Travel Regulations for Overseas Traveler
Travel regulations can vary from country to country; to avoid long delays, find out what passengers can and cannot bring aboard planes or trains and plan accordingly. In addition, determine what papers are necessary to enter the country, including birth certificates, passports, and other documentation.

International travel can be an enjoyable experience when the proper precautions are taken prior to travel. Learn about the destination and its culture and customs prior to traveling to ensure a successful and pleasant business trip.

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