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Overcoming Incurable Diseases: to Curable

Overcoming Incurable Diseases:From Incurable to Curable

Hardly anyone dies naturally, but dies of a disease or other kinds of unnatural death. When you see their death certificates,you can never find a single one in which the “cause of death” is written as “old age”, but instead, it is always marked with some disease or accident.

Incurable disease is Azrael’s greatest accomplice,being our archenemy in prolonging our life. Mr. Sore Kent, an American expert in longevity research, said the following interesting words: “In most cases, when we announce a person is ‘dead’, most parts of his or her organism are still working quite well. The reason for announcing death is only that the doctors have no means to revive the patient, not that the patient has already reached the absolute state of inability to live.”

Thus, it can be seen: “Incurable disease” is a disease that doctors (we) cannot cure at a certain time, in a certain place and on a certain occasion, but never a disease that is “incurable” forever. In the 18th century,smallpox was an incurable disease, running wild in the whole world,putting people into a helpless position, but has it not died out on our earth already? In the 20th century,pulmonary disease was a terrible “incurable disease”,but can we still call it “an incurable disease” now?

No “incurable” disease will be “incurable” forever, and any disease will find a cure at last. Quantum leaps in life sciences have caused modern medical science to rise into high and new medical science,and it will go on advancing by leaps and bounds. Just take the gene for example: research has shown that all human diseases are related directly or indirectly to gene, and all human diseases can be regarded as “gene diseases” or “hereditary diseases”,either being “single gene disease”, or “polygene disease” or “acquired gene diseases”. All the so-called “incurable diseases” now such as AIDS, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, congenital dementia, senile dementia, diabetes and so on, are gene diseases, and all of them will turn from “incurable” to “curable” one after another. Along with the fast development of gene technology, that day will come sooner or later when all those “terrible specters” will disappear from every corner of the world.

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