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Organism gene technology and life sciences put the laurel of God onto scientists heads

Science has won brilliant victories one after another, and science is speeding up mankind’s progress increasingly, making all impossibilities into possibilities very soon. As early as the 17th century,Bacon said, “Science has made us closer to God”. In the present 21st century, the organism gene technology and life science and technology have already put the laurel of God onto the heads of scientists.

 We cannot forget,the Industrial Revolution started by the steamer modified by Watt enabled mankind to create a productive force in less than one century that was even greater than the total productive forces of all the past ages. Today,science is already not only “the first productive force”,but also the major productive force. According to economist Douglas’ function, in the total amount of growth of social productive forces and economy of developed countries in a certain period, the factor of scientific-technical progress accounts for a greater and greater part:At the beginning of the last century, it was about 5%,in the 1950s it was about 20%,in the 1960s it was about 40%,in the 1970s it was about 50%,and in the 1980s it already mounted up to 80%.

 In the past,Adam Smith called the market “an invisible hand”; Today,we call science and technology “an invisible head”. Along with the fast high technology revolution, science is playing a greater and greater role as the “head”, and it is dominating all aspects of the world and the fate of the whole mankind in an unprecedented depth and to an unprecedented extent.

 While seeing the great magical power of science and technology, we should also see the breathtaking potentials of science and technology.

 Marx defined science as “a revolutionary power in the highest sense”. Such a revolutionary power is nothing less than a matchlessly huge supernatural power,as it can change everything. And,in fact, it has already shaken the whole world, turning uncountable dreams and myths into vivid realities. In the ancient times, in order to beg for rain,people spared no pain to beg gods to have pity, and sometimes they kneeled for three years in vain;Today, by artificial rainfall,we only need a moment to summon wind and rain back and forth. Never in history have we met with such profound changes of the world as today;Never have we felt such a limitless possibility of mankind as today. “So long as you can imagine, you can realize it.” The precondition for making this saying correct is: relying on the divine power of science!

 “Qitian Dasheng (Mahatma as High as Heaven)” Monkey King Sun Wukong had miraculously great power, but all his divine powers can be achieved through science today. Sun Wukong’s one somersault was one hundred and eight thousand miles away, but we can do so by taking the ionic spaceship flying in outer space:Sun Wukong used his fine hairs on the body to change into uncountable little Sun Wukongs,but clone technology can duplicate everyone into uncountable selves;Sun Wukong once changed himself into a worm and got into the belly of Iron Fan Princess, but the “nanometer robot” or “nanometer soldier” produced by the nanometer technology is much smaller than the worm, and it can go in and out of any place inside our body freely, including blood capillaries… All those miraculous and uncanny fantasies have been realized by science! Then,can’t we say Sun Wukong’s fantasy of eternal life will be realized by science too? All the beautiful myths: They either have been realized by science or are being realized, or will be realized for certain in future.

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