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Online Business: How to Make Your Site Top Listing on Search Engine

While running an online business, the most important thing is to get your web site to the top of Google listings and get more people to your site. Here are the secrets of how to make your web easy to search.

online-shopping, online business

online-shopping, online business

“How can I put my site at the top of the search engines?”

If you have a web site or are thinking of building one, this is a question you should be asking yourself every day. If your prospects can’t find your site in the search engine listings your sales will suffer. With the exception of those you attract with your advertising, hardly anyone will find your site, very few people will contact you and only a handful will buy from you.

With a top listing on Google, (twice as popular as Yahoo, the second most popular search engine) you could get one to two thousand visitors a day to your web site, depending on the popularity of the keywords associated with your products or services.

I get requests daily from business owners who want to know how to ensure their search engine marketing improves their search engine listings. They want to know how difficult it is to get a top listing and whether or not they should hire a search engine optimization (SEO) firm.

Some of them, like you, have heard about the importance of keyword use, keyword placement, metatags, internal and external links and other variables. (Some SEO experts think that Google tracks up to 100 variables in order to rank your site.)

Putting your site at the top of the search engines sounds complex, and it is. I became an SEO expert over ten years ago when I launched my first Internet business, and I can assure you that keeping up with the search engines is enormously time consuming. 

You’ve got a business to run. You don’t have the time to become a search engine marketing or an SEO expert. You just want to help your prospects find your site. What’s the answer? Do you need to hire an SEO firm and add another expense to the ongoing cost of your website, or is there an alternative? Which strategies really will work to put your site at the top?

Yes, some of these SEO programming experts are reputable, but I’m going to tell you a secret. For the most part you don’t need them, and you don’t need to learn a whole arcane body of knowledge about search engine optimization to have a successful website.

To get your web site to the top of Google listings, understand one thing; Google’s ranking system is designed to reward the sites that people want to visit.

Google gives top ranking to sites that have a lot of useful, relevant content; that add new content regularly and are likely the best resources on the topic. Google gives more weight to the variables that determine whether the site is a valid and accepted resource in its area of business or knowledge. Google looks at the:

Amount of content.
Frequency of changes,
Amount of traffic,
Amount of time users spend on your site,
Historical ranking of your site pages,
Internal navigation links,
The popularity of your site based on the number of link from other popular sites with relevant content.
How do you put your business site at the top of Google’s search listings? Create a site that your prospects and clients will love! Don’t waste time on billboard sites that are all about you and your company. Build a site that is so helpful and interesting that your prospects click to it often and stay for a while. The key is to give visitors more and better quality content than your competitors are doing.

Skeptical? Look at the most popular sites on the Internet. 22 of the top 25 that get the most traffic are resource-based sites. The other 3 are, and

Want to get more people to your site? Unless you plan to compete with ebay, or Amazon or Apple, your best strategy is to become the definitive resource in your business.

For example, one of my clients, Peter Keelty, has built a business niche in ski reviews, ski instruction and ski technique. Search under any one of these keyword phrases and you’ll find his site at or near the top of the Google listings. How did he do it?

How can you achieve the same success with your web site marketing and search engine positioning?

First, stop worrying about your search engine positioning and build a site that is the best resource on the planet in your area of business. You can go back later and optimize it for the search engines. Write and then write some more. Include articles, your daily blog, reviews, case studies, testimonials, tips and news on your site. You’ll create a site that will help you sell more online than you thought possible.

Tired of wasting time and money on your web sitemarketing without getting the results you want? Find out exactly how to create a site that your prospects and the search engines will love.

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