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Online Business: How to Make Your Site Top Listing on Search Engine

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China Beijing Resorts: Yonghegong Lamasery Travel Scenery

Falundian (Hall of the Dharma Wheel) in the Yonghegong (Palace of Harmony and Peace) Lamasery. The archway of Yonghegong (Palace of Harmony and Peace) Lamasery, Yonghemen or the Devaraja Hall, The sandalwood Buddha. The statue of Buddha is worshiped in Zhaofolou (Tower of the Shining Buddha), and the throne is carved out of nanmu (a fine hardwood).

Beijing Travel Scenic Spot: Garden of Prince Gong’s Residence

Pavilion for Painting and Poetry. Built in the center of a pond, it can only be reached by boat. The exterior of the Theatre. The interior of the Theatre. Fuhai (Sea of Bliss). This was the restored lake.

China Beijing Tour Advices: Top Destinations of Ming Tomb

Stone Arch. It is extremely spectacular with exquisite carvings. Dingling. The tomb of the thirteenth Ming emperor, Zhu Yijun, and his two empresses. The passageway of the underground palace.

China Historic and Cultural Heritage: Elegant Stone Carving Arts Ming Tombs

The Ming Tombs
The Sacred Way. Along both sides of the Sacred Way is an impressive array of 18 stone animals followed by twelve stone human figures with various postures, all being elegant stone carving arts.

China Natural Scenic Spots: World Cultural Mount Tai Tour Guidelines

While climbing up Mount Tai, magnificent ancient architecture and historical and cultural sites can be found over hill and dale, and along the mountain passages. UNESCO has listed Mount Tai as ” A World Cultural and Natural Heritage.”

China Top Attractive Landscape Guilin Travel Destinations and Advices

Guilin is famed for its magnificent natural beauty, people who visit there will be attracted by the amazing scenery of moutains and waters. The colorful ethnic background also lends a touch of mystery.

Xian Travel Resorts: World’s Great Wonder Terracotta Warriors

The Terracotta Warriors, located in Xian and cover an area of over 14,000 square meters. These artistic treasures of the Qin Dynasty are without doubt, one of the world’s great wonders.

Lhasa Tourist Spots: China Art Treasure House Potala Palace

Lhasa is the cultural historical city in China with lots of scenic spots. Located in Lhasa City, the Potala Palace is an enormous “Art Museum” filled with dazzling array of paintings. It was first constructed in the 7th century, the Potala Palace is the most comprehensive art treasure house of cultural relics in Tibetan area of China.

Shanghai Tour Guide: Shopping and Shopping Centers in Shanghai

Shopping is always one of the joy of traveling, especially for women. As a bigalopolis, Shanghai is one of shopping paradise in China. Rising and thriving on the basis of commerce, Shanghai has long been a very famous shopping city in China.