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Honeymoon Travel Advices: Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Chinese super movie star Tony leung chiu wai held the enviable wedding in India, the perfect wedding and romantic honeymoon proved that India is a great honeymoon destination up to the hilt. The Indian Honeymoon Destinations offer a vast choice for having the perfect Exotic Honeymoons.

Beijing Travel Destinations: Mountain Forest Xiangshan Park

Xiangshan Park is a mountain forest park, which utilizes the natural environment with artificial embellishment. It is located in the southern side of the Temple of the Azure clouds at the foot of the Western Hills, northwest suburbs of Beijing.

Qianqinggong, Qing Dynasty Emperor’s Bedroom

Qianqinggong (Palace of Celestial Purity). This was the emperor and empress’ bedroom in Ming and Qing Dynasty, but also used for day-to-day administration and meeting foreign envoys during Qing Dynasty.

Beijing Beautiful Imperial Garden, Beihai Park Travel Guide

Beihai (North Lake) Park broad in scale and elegantly arranged, is a beautiful imperial garden in Beijing as well as a masterpiece of ancient Chinese gardens still standing.

Five Dragon Pavilions to Come Fishing and Enjoy the Moon

The Five Dragon Pavilions. This is where emperors and empresses used to come fishing or enjoy the moon.

Gate of Heavenly Peace, Tian’anmen Square Travel Guide

Situated on the heart of Beijing, Tiananmen (Gate of Heavenly Peace) was initially erected in 1417, known as Chengtianmen (Gate of Receiving Orders from Heaven). It was rebuilt and given its present name. The gate itself consists of a grand platform surmounted by a wooden nine-bay gate-tower and five vaulted gateways below the gate-tower.

Cheap Travel Deals Advices: Madrid and Barcelona 6 Nights with Airfare Costs $796

This spring, divide a week between two charismatic Spanish cities. Here we recommend a budget travel to Madrid and Barcelona from any city in America at the time March 1–30, 2010. The deal includes round-trip airfare, three nights in Madrid Hotel Praga and three nights in Sunotel Aston, Barcelona.

Get Urban Height-Seeing on North American Cities’ Aerial Tram

Tramways (also known as trams) in such as Portland, OR, New York City, Palm Springs, CA, and Vancouver, British Columbia, provide families with the opportunity to go sightseeing from above. Here are some of the best.

Must-do Outdoor Activities in Costa Rica, Adventure Traveler’s Mecca

Discover Costa Rica’s best eco-adventures, Costa Rica should be primed on the radars of every eco-savvy traveler hoping their next trip will include days spent soaring through treetops á la Tarzan and nights spent ogling rare rainforest species.

Travel to Sahara Desert: Desert Adventures Within Intrepid Travelers’ Reach

From the Red Sea to the fringes of the Mediterranean coast, the Sahara spills across more than 3 million square miles in North Africa — an area that is vaster than Australia. Like pyramids of exotic spices stacked across the horizon, subject to sculpting by the whimsy of the wind, the cumin- and cinnamon-colored sands of the Sahara have long lured intrepid travelers.