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China Tour Guide: A Popular Boat Trip to Guilin Li River

One of the most-visited Chinese cities, Guilin, located in the northeastern part of the Guangxi Province, 500km (310 miles) NW of Hong Kong, 1,675km (1,039 miles) SW of Beijing, has long been famous for its limestone karst hills.

China Tour Guide: The Best Countryside Travel Spot

There are lots of natural scenery in China, which make Chinese feel pround, at the same time attract number of tourists at home and abroad. Here are some greatest countryside retreats.

Scenery and Spots Along Southern New England Countryside

Do you know what are there 134 Miles of Yankee Charm? Green hills, a rocky coast and white-steepled Colonial towns — that’s the definition of southern New England, and every summer traffic thickens as travelers swarm in search of it. In eastern Connecticut, where farms and Colonial homes provide much of the scenery.

Canada Travel Guide: Seven Must-go Places in Vancouver

Travel to Vancouver, Canada, where to go for a exciting sight? Whether you’re in Vancouver for the Olympic Games, a movie tour or just to enjoy the beautiful scenery, here are seven attractions you shouldn’t miss:

Common Sense Have to Learn for a Healthy and Happy Travel

Don’t let the fear of getting sick paralyze your vacation plans. After 30 years of travel, I’ve figured out what I need to do to stay healthy when traveling. For me, wellness starts at home.

Take A Scuba Diving Trip and Get Close to Reef Sharks in Cairns

The beauty of scuba diving is almost anyone can do it. The only requirements are good basic health and a reasonable fitness level. Before taking a trip, be sure to stay warm and take your vitamins in the lead-up. It’s thrilling to come face to face with one of nature’s great predators. Three days earlier I had arrived at Cairns to begin a five-day open-water dive course for beginners with Pro Dive.

South Padre Island Travel: Full of Funs Wait for Visitors

When the pelican wades in the waters around South Padre Island, it may be everyone’s favorite spring break destination, but there’s good reason to visit South Padre Island in the fall .

Travel Advice: Lower down the Travel Budget

EVERYONE loves a bargain. And everyone knows that the real place to get a bargain is at an auction. The thought of getting something at a price you are happy with is very appealing.So on a trip, how to pay less money but see more?

Holiday Travel Advices: How to Evade Unexpected Travel Costs

Avoid the trap: It’s best not to book your holiday late at night after spending hours surfing to find the best deal – all that time you spent may end up being for nothing if you make an error. Therehas never been a better time to be slugged with unexpected travel fees.

Destination Guide: Exciting Travel on Fiji’s Adventure Island

While visitors such as myself can barely take a step without sliding over the edge, thrills and spills on Fiji’s adventure island. My saviour and our other two guides from nearby Wainiyabia Village have been making regular treks to this natural playground since they were kids.