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Luxury Vacation at Chengde Imperial Summer Villa

Many visitors head to Chengde to spend their summer holiday, attracted by the renowed Imperial Summer Villa. It is China’s largest imperial garden, in Qing Dynasty it was the summer resort emperor and empress.

National Cultural Relic Baoguo Temple, Ningbo Travel Attractions

Baoguo Temple situates at the foot of Mount Feishilin in Jiangbei District of Ningbo City, thirteen kilometers away from the downtown. With its long history and Grand Hall in Baoguo Temple, which is one of the oldest and best-preserved wooden structures in South Yangtze region of China, Baoguo Temple is a thousand-year-old renowned temple and one of the first cultural relic sites designated to be specially preserved in China.

China Beijing Tour Guide: Carved-marble Imperial Ramp

The carved-marble imperial ramp. The ramp consists of a 16. 57 meter-long, 3. 7 meter-wide and 1. 7 meter-thick stone weighting more than 200 tons.

Main Gate and North Gate to Forbidden City: Wumen and Shenwumen

Wumen (Meridian Gate), the main and south gate to the Forbidden City. On the red platform is a spectacle nine-bay gate-tower.
Shenwumen (Gate of Divine Might), the north gate to the palace. During the Qing Dynasty, the court often chose beautiful maids and the chosen girls would pass this gate when they were sent to the palace.

Grand Mountain Top Adventure on Snowdon Mountain Railway

Based on Victorian engineering Snowdon Mountain Railway is the only public rack and pinion railway in the United Kingdom and a true majestic mountain adventure. As well as your Mountain Top Adventure on Britain’s highest rack railway, there is so much more to see and do at Snowdon Mountain Railway.

Black Mountain Retreat: Feel the Seven Sisters’ Cultural Flavour

Ms. Vermillion Carroll moved to Black Mountain in 1999. Since then the town, like nearby Asheville, has become increasingly vibrant. Black Mountain, N.C., has become a magnet for second-home owners and retirees.

Couples Winter Travel Advices: Preparations for Your Winter Escapes

Winter Travel Guide for Couples, winter is a special time for getaways: longer nights, cooler weather, places where a layer of snow coats the landscape like a soft white blanket all make travels at this time appear more romantic — and some might say, more necessary. So what should you do before planning a winter trip?

Taiwan’s Pearl: Famous Landscape in Ali Mountain and Sun Moon Lake

Taiwan is one of the most unsung tourist destinations in all of Asia. The Alishan National Scenic Area is a mountain resort and natural preserve located in the mountains of Taiwan. Sun Moon Lake is the biggest natural lake in Taiwan and is formed by the accumulated water in the broken basin between Yu Mountain and Ali Mountain streams.

Intimate Suggestions for Scotland Travel

Scotland is an easy place to travel around and has a wealth of things to see, do, eat and drink. Before you go, though, it’s worth knowing a few essentials that will ensure a smooth trip.

New Year’s Travel Plan: Top Travel Destinations and Best Travel Season 2010

With the New Year just a couple of weeks away, get your trip on next year’s travel following our top destinations 2010. From lush Colombian greenery to the gleaming streets of Stockholm, here’s a heads up on the places offering travellers the most over the next 12 months.