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Cantonese Language Characters, Scripts and Pronunciation

Learn Cantonese Language? Why should Cantonese be refered to as a language? We’ll study the Cantonese language, with excellent info on tones, pronunciation, common phrases and thematic vocabulary today. Cantonese is definately a different language from mandarin.

Learn Taiwanese Language and Standard Mandarin Chinese Phonology Online

Do you want to learn Taiwanese Language? Do you know Taiwanese language and script? Taiwanese is important etymologically because when we compare the pronunciation of character phonetics in Taiwanese we sometimes find that they are closer than in Mandarin. Learn Taiwanese Language and Standard Mandarin Chinese Phonology Online today. What is the significance of Standard Chinese phonology and what information about this topic is available online?

Chinese Character Etymology and Dictionary: Mandarin Chinese Language, Script and Symbols

Chinese Character Etymology: Difference between Mandarin Chinese Language and Putonghua. How to use a Chinese dictionary? What is Mandarin Chinese Language? Visit Mandarin Language Curriculum Resource and Teaching Center, to Find Chinese Teacher Jobs.

Chinese Gradually Replaces Foreign Languages in Class

Foreign languages fade in class except Chinese. Chinese is more and more popular in the world. Thousands of public schools stopped teaching foreign languages in the last decade, according to a government-financed survey.