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What Is the Most Embarrassing SMS Text Message You Have Ever Sent to a Stranger?

What was the most embarrassing SMS text message you have ever sent to a wrong person? Have you ever received an embarrassing message from a stranger? Have you ever sent an embarrasing message to a wrong person?

HP Notebook Computer Quality Gate Scandal: Quality Defects & Assurance

HP Notebook Computer Quality Review: HP Laptop Trapped in Quality Gate Scandal in China. The cockroach is the first killer of HP notebook computer so that you should remember to buy pesticide when you buy HP laptop computers.

Violent video games increase aggression

New analysis reasserts video games’ link to violence. A new review of 130 studies “strongly suggests” playing violent video games increases aggressive thoughts and behavior and decreases empathy.

Top 10 iPhone apps for your business

If you use your iPhone (or iPod Touch) for business purposes, you’ll likely come to rely on a few of these apps too. Here are top 10 iPone apps for your business.

Change your iPhone into a true mobile powerhouse

The time has come. You dont have to lug a laptop around to get work done. With about $50 worth of apps, you can turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a powerful mobile office.