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How to self defense for seniors

Old people are physically weaker; this attracts the strangers to attack them. Self defense technique can use older people in different ways.

Basic Self Defense Techniques for Children: How to Scare Away Attacker

Kids are a group of the weak. They are naturally trusting and curious. So they are the goals that bad men attack. They want to be helpful. It is the most thing for them to master basic self defense techniques.

Women's Self-Defense Tips: How to Keep Safe

Women are commonly weak and they are attackers’ main aims. How should women protect themselves? By learning some of the basic principles of self-defense you can take control of your life and your safety whether you’re at home, in the parking lot of the mall, or in the clutches of an attacker.

Top 3 effective self defense weapons

What will you do if you run into an attacker? The best way is to use weapons. Here are 4 the most effective self defense weapons:

10 Effective Self Defense Skills

When you face bad men, you need to know what to do to protect yourself.This is a list of the top 10 self defense techniques.

Self Defense Training Classes: Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu Lessons

Self Defense Training Classes for women and kids: Self-defence tactics and self-defense lessons are important in Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu shools curriculum. Learn self-defence techniques.