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Baby’s ears need be protected in a deafening world

Specialists say such safeguards are critical for young ears in a deafening world. Hearing loss from exposure to loud noises is cumulative and irreversible….

Overweight kids more likely to suffer back pain

Overweight children may develop back pain and spinal abnormalities.

Why girls should play sports

Exercise is good for health. Why play sports, especially girls? There are at least 5 more reasons.

Childhood Trauma Can Increase Lung Cancer Risk

Childhood harms can lead to lung cancer. Adverse events in childhood have been linked to an increase in the likelihood of developing lung cancer in later life.

When child gets stroke

Have you ever heard of a child’s having a stroke? When child gets a stroke, what do you do? In today’s Science Times you’ll read the surprising story of Jared, a 7-year-old boy who suffered a stroke.

What are causes of nocturnal enuresis

Some children lack a hormone that decreases urine production at night. Others wet the bed simply because their bladder capacity is small.

Small Amounts Of Lead Impairs Kids’ Kidney Function

Small amounts of lead in the bodies of healthy children and teens amounts well below the levels may worsen kidney function.

Weight Loss Surgery Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease in Teens

Weight loss surgery quickly improves the heart health of obese teens. It reduces risk for heart attack, stroke. In a study of morbidly obese children, cardiac risk factors improved within six months of bariatric surgery.

Children unvaccinated easily get chickenpox

Children of parents who refuse vaccines are nine times more likely to develop varicella illness compared to fully immunized children.

Top 10 Health Stories This Week: Valuable Health Advices

Top 10 Health Stories This Week: Valuable Health Advices. Don’t neglect health. US: Maryland joins national Farm-To-School movement to put local food in school cafeterias 27 April 2008 – A new bill awaiting the Maryland governor’s signature aims to make it easier for schools to use local produce. It’s part of a national Farm-To-School movement […]