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Zhang Ziyi Multiple Gate Scandal: Chinese Actress Ink Splash Gate

China famous actress Zhang Ziyi was caught in Multiple Gate Scandal. You must have learned Zhang Ziyi Earthquake Donation Gate Scandal, but how about Chinese Actress Ink Splash Gate?

Earthquake Donation Gate: Zhang Ziyi’s trouble comes from fame

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi is perplexed for the so-called earthquake donation gate scandal. Why the hot actress has so many trouble these years. Her trouble, as we can say, comes from her fame.

Zhang Ziyi Donation Gate Scandal: Earthquake Donations Lost

Zhang Ziyi Donation Gate Scandal Irritates Fans: where did earthquake donations go? Did you steal them and buy Chihuahua for your man? A incident called Zhang Ziyi Ink Splash Gate results from her missing earthquake donations.

Vatican refutes church child sex abuse scandal from celibacy requirement

Church child sex abuse scandal results not from celibacy requirement? At least Vatican newspaper think so. Vatican defends the Pope Benedict XVI’s settlement of the religion crisis. It even safeguards the Catholic church credit in Europe. But why?

Ben Roethlisberger Restroom Sex Assault? Alleged Victim Accuses His Behaviour

Ben Roethlisberger Troubled With Sex Assault Allegations. Female Accuser accuses restroom sex assault; Ben’s assistant doubts her initiative. Athletes with a sense of entitlement?