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Most Beautiful Female Chinese Writer: Quit School and Write Books

Wang Xiaoping, Most Beautiful Female Chinese Writer. She quitted schooling and wrote books. This book, Ability Panic, which characterizes in a strong technicality and originality, is often regarded as the work of an elder learner with silver-gray hairs, however, what makes you surprise is that it was written by myself – a young lady. In the eyes of many people, it is not proper or even incredible, because of my age and low degree.

Female Chinese Writer Wang Xiaoping

Female Chinese Writer Wang Xiaoping

Wang Xiaoping: Stop to be a student and begin to do reasearch

When I was in the senior high school, I always got no.1 in the examination, and often got a mark which is more than 70 higher than the no.2 classmate did. However, I chose to leave school in advance, which many people around me could hardly understand. My teachers tried to persuade and detain me from leaving school early, and many people around me also gave me lots of kindly criticism, and some experts suggested me that I should go further my education in Beijing University or Renmin University of China after hearing my report and answers, they said that it was not late to do researches when I finished my university studies. About my decision of leaving school early, some other people thought that I was reasonless or even “insane” …All these didn’t make me cancel my decision.

Because the decision of leaving school early was not made arbitrarily, but made after a thorough consideration. One reason was that I extremely hated the traditional education mode – education for the exam’s sake and learning for the exams; another reason was that I wanted to make a try and to explore some innovative learning modes.

When Sheldon L. Glashow, winner of the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics, was asked: “what do you think is the most important thing if we want to cultivate an outstanding scientist?” He replied: “I believe that the core is to let the young men stop to be students, and let them start to study the physics.”

Stop to be students and start to do research once and for all, this is maybe the simplest and most efficient way. I am the very one to do so. This is an innovative mode of learning, which is in opposite to the traditional mode of successive learning. About this innovative learning mode, there is a detailed demonstration in the book.

Facing this topic of great importance “panic for ability“, maybe it is beyond my ability to grasp it only by myself. However, I have the courage to do so, maybe just like a proverb in China reading “The more wit, the less courage”, and I have done the research as a devotional scholar. 

When people are surprised about how can I compose such a good book, it is in fact a provident in some extent about the learning theories revealed in the book.

Whether the book “Panic for Ability” can help you overcome the panic for ability in reality, my reader friends, you will have the excellent commendation.

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