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Monkey King Gave Mankind a Lesson on Immortality

In learning from Sun Wukong,we should not only learn from his firmness and over-absorption of mind in seeking the most valuable ability, but also learn from his thorough understanding of life and death and his longest view on life.

In comparison with Sun Wukong the Monkey King, mankind are far more foolish. Even till now, we have not got clear what should deserve our pursuit most, and what ability we should develop most. Many countries are vying with each other in making the atomic bomb, many people are so zealous for developing all kinds of new manslaughter weapons, NMD and TMD should have come into being regardless of the cry against them throughout the world… What mankind is zealous about is to develop the ability to kill themselves, and they are competing madly in the ability to destroy humans, their same species. Their pursuit of such abilities has reached a crowning extent: they owned the ability to destroy mankind by score of times long ago, and some people are even planning to work out a weapon in the near future that is so powerful that “by one sneeze, a body of people could get cancer”. Nevertheless,the most worth seeking ability, the ability to live long, or the science and technology on longevity, has never aroused a little attention from mankind!

 There are thousands of branches of science in the world, but there is not a single science specializing in longevity;There are numerous academies of science all over the world, but there is not a single academy of science on longevity;There are uncountable institutions for developing nuclear weapons in the world, but there is not a single institution for research on longevity;The global military expenditures are as high as trillions of U.S. dollars,but there is not a half penny investment in the technology of longevity! Why can’t we be as clever as Sun Wukong? Why can’t we go all out to seek the ability of long living among all abilities and why can’t we go all out to develop the science and technology of longevity among all kinds of science and technology?

 The whole mankind, the whole world and the whole society should learn from Sun Wukong, that is, do what is the most worth doing, and seek the ability that is most worth seeking! We should organize all the best brains of the world: the best biologists, the best medical scientists, the best nanometer technology experts … turn the military expenditures of the whole world into expenditures for longevity research, and gather all the forces of the world to tackle key problems in this area! If so,the probability of breakthrough in longevity research will be 100%,and all that is left will be a matter of time.

 In learning from Sun Wukong,we should not only learn from his firmness and over-absorption of mind in seeking the most valuable ability, but also learn from his thorough understanding of life and death and his longest view on life. Without such a long view,it will be impossible to have such an over-absorption of mind and pursuit for eternal life. People usually do not have such a supernormal vision as Sun Wukong, only able to see very narrow and shallow things at hand. When a small pebble is very close to the eye,it may seem to be greater than the whole world. The huge sun is too distant from us, so, in human eyes, it looks like a small red ball that can be held in the hand. There is nothing more important and greater than living forever,but as it is too far away from our ordinary life, it is often neglected. Usually, ordinary persons lack Sun Wukong’s vision and “long view”,but only when death is approaching do they awaken to the truth,but it is too late already!

 Human life seems to be written in water,years always pass in haste, just as the famous writer Zhu Ziqing wrote: “When I am washing my hands,time elapses through the basin;When I am eating,time passes through the bowl;When I am thinking alone, it passes through my fixed eyes. When I feel it going away hurriedly and reach out to hold it, it passes from my hand; At dark,when I am lying in bed,it strides over my body cunningly, and fly over my feet. When I open my eyes and see the sun again, one day has already passed. I hide my face to sigh. But the newly coming day’s shadow begins to flash over in my sigh.” One day, one week, one month… fly over one after another. Only when we look back will we feel:Things several years ago,10 years ago or 20 years ago are just like what happens at hand. Only at this moment when you “count the time on your fingers” can you utter words full of deep feelings. Feng Zikai (famous painter) expressed the feelings like everyone of us: only when he reached thirty could he have some sense of “life has come to ‘the beginning of autumn’”. “In the past, my thought was so shallow! I felt spring could stay with us forever, and man could stay in youth forever, but never thought of death. Also, I thought the meaning of life only lay in living, and my life was most meaningful, as if I would never die. Until now… “Sun Wukong could worry about “long life” as the most valuable thing while he was “enjoying a merry-making festival every day”. Everyone who is enjoying youth and life now should have such a long-term worry. Everyone should appreciate profoundly the saying by the eminent writer Victor Hugo: “Anybody is a prisoner sentenced to stay of execution, and the death sentence is bound to be executed sooner or later.” Everyone will be faced with the worry about anility, and no one can escape the fatality of death. However, science plus revolution can change everything. While we do not feel the worry about decrepitude and are not faced with the threat of death, we should pay a great attention to death and challenge it.

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