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Mankind will get inexhaustible joy

In reforming the external world for “daylong ecstasy”, there are even more methods:

 By dint of the power of high technology,especially the virtual reality technology, we may help people realize any wish,so as to expand the channels of joy greatly.

 If you are fond of playing in the bar but you do not have the economic strength for frequenting the bar every day, you may realize your wish at home. The home computer equipment has adopted the virtual reality technique,so, it can simulate the romantic mood in the bar.

 If you are fond of tourism, you need not learn from San Mao (an adventurous writer) to take the pains in traveling everywhere. At home, you can visit Eiffel Tower,or move Palais de Versailles into your home.

 If you are a girl fond of following the fashion, there is no need to roam in the clothing market in the hot sunlight. You may design your favorite fashion at your will on the computer, and then simulate putting on the fashionable dress you have designed.

 If you are a dance fan,so long as you implant a tiny computer chip into your body,you may be able to dance skillfully all kinds of beautiful movements, whether classical dancing or national dancing or modern dancing. Moreover,in future, the protagonist in a teleplay may talk with you on TV, and invite you to join the story together.

 If you wish to play the piano music of “Maiden’s Prayer” but you have never learned to play musical instruments, and if you hope to compose your own opus but you cannot read music, it won’t matter at all. In future, even if you are ignorant of music,you will also be able to play the lyre in a free flowing style like a musician, and able to compose moving musical works.
 In the measurable future,many clever ways of amusement will appear, and more and more high and new technologies will add joyous wings to us, so,mankind will get inexhaustible joy at last.

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