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Mankind is trying to change its evolutionary process

If we say the new culture, new mankind and new world refer to the whole horizontal development of mankind, then, the new mankind, high mankind and super mankind (immortals) refer to the whole vertical development of mankind. The coincidence point of the horizontal and vertical coordinates of human development is the new mankind (as is shown in the Fig.), that is, the new mankind is both the center of the horizontal development of mankind and the paramount key point of the three-step vertical development of mankind.

Coordinates of Mankind Development

In retrospect to mankind’s evolution history,we have found,mankind has already experienced a quite long stagnant state in evolution. Scientists also think:The impact of natural evolution on mankind is weakening. In the past,the evolution from apes to mankind was a result of natural selection, chiefly because of the pressure from the natural environment;Now,if mankind wants to have a second mutation or leap,it must have the ability to dominate its own evolution and design its own evolution.

Just on the day when God created man, He regretted. Mankind is the first creature that tries to change its own evolutionary process. Here you’ll learn relationship between New Mankind, High Mankind and Super Mankind.

Everything depends on the design. When the design is good,the space shuttle can fly to the sky;If the design is not good, even the children’s plane in the park may drop, causing an “air crash”. The terrorists’ skyjacking succeeded,because the terrorists’ design of the skyjacking was better than the security design of the airline company;The counter-terror experts succeeded in their anti-skyjacking action, because the counter-terror design was better than the skyjacking design. Whether mankind can evolve to the supreme prospect at the highest rate also depends on mankind’s wise design characterized by carefully arranged steps or stages.

By one step,we cannot reach Heaven But if we keep a down-to-earth spirit, put up the Heaven ladder well, and go up step by step, we may reach Heaven at last. Mankind’s evolution to immortals is no easy matter, so it must take some steps and needs a practical spirit. We should not only stride towards that ultimate objective, but also think over the whole process and design the practical steps.

The evolution from mankind to immortals may take three major steps or three stages:

Present mankind — new mankind — high mankind — super mankind. The starting point is the present mankind (mankind in today’s reality),and the end point is super mankind (immortals).

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The most important is the first step. Whatever difficulty we may meet, so long as we can take the first step that seems to be very reasonable indeed, we will find, what follows will be very easy, whether to determine the second step or actually take the second step. The leap from the present mankind to the new mankind is the crucial first step in becoming immortal! This step may mean the difference between success and failure! With the first step taken, we will be able to carry all before one!
Then, what is the new mankind? The new mankind is a mankind that sincerely believes in the supremacy of mankind’s common interest,believes in the top value of life, and advocates harmony between nature and man and cooperation among all people!

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