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Mankind development is foundationstone of all kinds of development

Human development is the foundationstone of all kinds of development.

All problems in the world are problems of people. There is such a story:While a man was busy with his job,his son dashed up to pester him for playing. He could not stand the harassment, so he tore a world map to pieces,and threw them to his son: “Darling child, go and play yourself, and come to see me again after putting this map together.” In a while,his son came to him: “Papa,I have done it!” The man was surprised,as he had thought it would take the kid several hours to piece it together. How could he finish it so soon? His son said, “The back of the world map is a person’s portrait. After piecing the person together, the world is pieced together at the same time.” These words are just like a direct sharp warning, containing a long-lasting aftertaste: So long as the people are upright, the world will be upright.

 Look at this world full of splendors and crises at the same time. Does it result from God? No,it results from human. As the old saying goes, “What caused the six states to perish was not State Qin, but the six states themselves.” (In the Warring States period more than 2000 years ago, Qin, one of the states wiped out all the other states and unified China) Likewise,what can cause the world or mankind to perish is not others, but mankind itself;What can save the world or mankind is not others, but mankind itself, too;Only when the people have developed can the society and world develop.

 Development of the people is the foundationstone of social development. In general,the society’s existence depends on the existence of the people as its precondition. Without people, there would be no society,and without development of the people,the society would have no way to develop. Meanwhile,development of the people and development of the society are in a two-in-one organic system, supporting each other and acting on each other:Only when everyone has fully developed can it promote the full development of the society;And only when the society has fully developed can it provide the sufficient condition for full development of the people.

 As is well known,some aspects of the present society have already entered the information society and knowledge economy society,yet, if the majority of people in this society are still in the agricultural age tilling in the field all day long without knowing what the computer is, how can we build up a knowledge economy society? How can such a society be able to keep a high-speed development,and how can it make leaps and bounds all the time? We have to face such data:A car that can be produced on the flow production line just in a couple of minutes in Japan equals the total income of a farmer working for 100 years in Shaanxi, China;The value created by an American professional working on the computer for one hour is equivalent to the total value of thousands of Chinese farmers working in one day… The social development of any nation or country depends on the brain power of the people of that nation or country, and depends on the development of their intelligence. The final winner can only be the nation that has the most people mastering high technology and having a high intelligence!

 Not only human intelligence development concerns the development of the society directly, but human morality development is also directly related to social development. In a society composed of people with a very low moral standard, people intrigue against each other, causing a serious internal friction of the social power; mutual distrust causes the social transaction cost to rise day by day. Lies and flams fly everywhere; the meat is injected with water; the wine contains a toxic matter; the doctorate or master degree diploma is bought from a street hawker; the speeches at the official meeting are not believable to anyone; those who curse corruption most loudly are just the most greedy on the sly; false contracts, false data and false accounts are everywhere, even to the extent that the school motto Premier Zhu Rongji gave to an accounting college should be “Do Not Make False Accounts”… Nothing is without falsehood, and nothing can be trusted. A society composed of such people is full of a sense of insecurity even in the air, being beset with crisis everywhere! Today,the ecological crisis has sounded the alarm to people. But who knows the moral crisis is even more terrible than the ecological crisis and the blustering sand devil of the mind is even more heart-breaking? Someone said, today’s China is full of people having no belief, no faith, no confidence and no credit. If we still overlook people’s moral development, can this society still develop? Even if it is very prosperous and rich on the surface, it can only be a transitory “bubble development”, very easy to go to the dead end of perdition!

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