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Human Nature: Loving Beauty and Disliking Ugliness

Everyone loves beauty. Everyone is overwhelmed by the power of beauty, including all heroes. As the famous Chinese saying goes, “I love the throne, but I love the beauty even more”.

According to an investigation,everyone tends to judge people by their looks, so, it is easier for beautiful people to get others’ favor and help, and easier for them to meet with success than ordinary people. Even if they have committed a crime, the penalty to a beauty is often several times lighter than ordinary people. That is the result of a survey by the American court. It is the case for common people, but even big men cannot free themselves from such a human nature. Both Sun Quan (king of State Wu) and Liu Bei (king of State Shu) closed the door on Pang Tong because of his ugly appearance although he was a great wise man.

In the presidential election race in the West, they will offer a fat salary to invite image consultants whose duty is design the finest image for the candidate. A public opinion test organization of America carried out a survey to 500 young females. The topic of the survey is: “Rich women, talented women and beautiful women: If your fate is up to yourself, which kind of women do you wish to be?” Very few chose rich women, and those choosing talented women were not many either, but 90% of girls said without hesitation that they wished to be beautiful women.

Loving of beauty is a basic human demand,and is also an eternal demand. A great demand will certainly bring about a great market. Today,people’s investment in beauty treatment and health beauty can never be underrated. According to statistics,American females spend about 30 billion US$ in buying cosmetics each year;In Japan,averagely, of the basic cosmetics used by a female in her life, beauty water is 980 cubic liters,all kinds of cream is 150 kilograms,lotion is 125 cubic liters and lipstick is 400 grams. A tiny bottle of cosmetics may be as expensive as hundreds of dollars or even a thousand dollars. Even the charge for beautifying the nail for one time is as high as five or six hundred dollars. But consumers are scrambling for it. Botulinus toxin, being called the most toxic substance in the world, flowed into the faces of 1,600,000 American females last year, just because it could remove wrinkles. One injection of that takes 500 to 1000 US$,but the wrinkle removing effect can only last four months, so, you have to take an injection anew every four months, otherwise the wrinkles will creep on your face again.

Even so, American females still run after it like ducks to water. In the business of “wrinkle removing by toxin” alone, the annual total sales in USA amount to 0.31 billion US$. There are hardly any Korean star singers or film stars who have not done face-lifting operation,thus, nowadays we have many “artificial belles” and “artificial handsome men”. According to a forecast,in the future top 500 enterprises of the world, one third will do business related to beauty treatment research, production and sales.

The present beauty treatment industry has not met the high-leveled demand for beauty. The future economy is a high humanity economy,seeking to meet a high-leveled demand for beauty, and the beautifying effect will be far incomparable to the present cosmetics or nail beautifying product.

So long as we utilize future top means of high technology, for example, means of molecular biology, bionomy and cytology, we may help people meet their high-leveled demand for beauty, helping them reach “the supreme beauty”: having godly looks much more beautiful and more enchanting than today’s stars. The market prospect in this aspect is also very attractive.

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