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Longwu Temple – garden of Tibetan Buddhism and Western Region

At the foot of the southwest corner of Longwu Town, there are several tens of halls and Buddhist monasteries and thousands of monk rooms, forming a garden building of Buddhism, the famous Longwu Temple of Tibetan Buddhism, and Longwu Town was named after the temple.

Longwu Temple is the important cultural and religious capital of Huangnan Prefecture with four colleges of popular clan, closed clan, astronomy and medical science, where religious activities are held on lecturing, praying and examination. The buildings are mainly the mixture of Tibetan and Han styles. Big and small hall and monasteries are interconnected neatly with closures of five meters high. There are two gates in the east and the southwest with silk threads, flying eaves and arches, just like a pavilion. In the north of the temple there are eight Buddhism pagodas backed up by Xia Palace of Buddha Xia Ri Cang on the hill with more than 90 yards of monk rooms with white lime closures in order.

The buildings of classical halls and Buddhism monasteries are grand, magnificent and elegant with rich relics and literature. In the middle of the temple is the Grand Hall with built-in 18 big pillars and 146 short pillars that hosts ten Buddha of Sykyamuni, Zongkaba and other masters in fine figures. Especially, the figure of Founder Zongkaba is eleven meters high on the stand with a circumference of 26m, gilded entirely with gems and diamond decorated and magnificent glories.

Longwu Temple is the birthplace of Anduo Tibetan plays. Monks always perform public Tibetan plays, which renders the villages near Longwu Town with large rich and diversified cultural and entertainment activities all the seasons throughout the year. Visitors coming here may fully enjoy the flavor and scent of “Ideal Land of the Western Region”.

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