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Longivity and Eternal Life from Third Eye

In this world,so long as we have the “three sufficients”, namely, sufficient intelligence, sufficient investment and sufficient time,any impossible wish may be turned into vivid reality. Eternal life is no exception, either.

 If we say “the first eye” is life sciences,and “the second eye” is high and new medicine,then, “the third eye” is the vision of dialectical philosophy.

 In the face of the twilight of life sciences and the great leaps in high and new medicine, we cannot but feel a great hope for eternal life. However, it is hard to avoid the last doubt still existent in some people’s mind about eternal life. Is eternal life really possible? Hence, it is very necessary for us to ponder over eternal life from the viewpoint of dialectical philosophy.

Eternal life is mankind’s eternal wish,and in order to realize this wish,our ancestors have made unremitting explorations. In the present time characterized by great leaps and bounds in science and technology, and by unprecedented liberation of man’s thinking, why can’t we break through the old defective and superficial concept? Why should we restrict ourselves to a limited area like a prison and regard eternal life as a forbidden zone? All things in the world can be changed through mankind’s efforts, then, why can’t the duration of human life be changed through the joint efforts of the whole mankind? Science and technology have already turned lots and lots of uncanny fantasies into vivid realities, and what’s more, now that the development of science and technology is being increasingly accelerated and their power is becoming more and more magical, why can’t we turn the fantasy of eternal life into reality in future?

Any person with a good head and sufficient wisdom should believe firmly:So long as we have sufficient intelligence, sufficient money input, and sufficient time,mankind will realize eternal life for certain!

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