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Lexmark, Gladiator In Internet Time

Pretty Girl Printed with Lexmark Gladiator

Pretty Girl Printed with Lexmark Gladiator

Similar to the imported Hollywood movie “Gladiator”,  Lexmark also put on a sensational scene in China. Recently, the Annual China Distributor Conference was held in Sanya, Capital City of Hainan Province. Over 500 Lexmark’s partners from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan converged together to participate the caption-themes channel conference. Mr. Oh Woo Min, the CEO OF LEXMARK China District, made a zealous speech, the Domain Dealers of BPD, CPD and CSD, SD also made presentations to their cooperating partners on Lexmark’s product strategy, marketing policy, after-sale policy and reform direction of business management. During the conference, Lexmark also issued awards including Best Strategic Partner, Best Cooperation, Best Annual Distributor, and ECT.

In 2000, on strength of advantage product, active assistance from domestic partners and highly efficient marketing & servicing system, Lexmark had successfully fulfilled its annual plan for production and sale, with end user basing, market appealing and brand influencing further consolidated and promoted. According to the statistical report by IDC, the authorising market research institiute, the market share for Lexmark Color Ink-jet Printer in China has reached to 38% in the third quarter of 2000, exceeding Epson, Canon and HP, positioned No. 1 for the first time on the China Market Share for Printers.

Providing customerized solutions according to different requirements by different industries and different end user community has been the key reason for BPD to maintain stable continuous development at a high speed. In 2001, BPD will emphasize on developing field market, do all its best to establish the leading advantage in 8 key industries such as financing, telecommunication, insurance, etc. All the solution plans for Lexmark Printers are featured with fully facing localization in China market.

Confronted with the propaganda campaign, marketing promotion and figures-agents of other printer manufacturers, CPD still shows itself, mainly depending on the super quality of its’ products and the particular market strategies and positioning. In order to meet the ever-increasing requirements of end users, Lexmark will strengthen the channel construction forces of color ink-jet printers in 2001, and has set the goal of establishing 100 monopolistic shops throughout China by the end of this year. To ensure every shop could really play his own role, Lexmark will invest large quantities of resources into the agent channels support, and help marketing partners improve their company popularity and customer appealing through novel marketing activities and continuous sales training.

In order to encourage customer to use quality-reliable and capacity-constant original consuming materials, and to prevent the hazard resulted from counterfeit materials, Lexmark will leverage the distributing advantage in all levels to establish Lexmark service station, which mainly selling Lexmark’s consuming materials. As a key emphasis in work, by the end of this year, it is expected that there are at least 100 Lexmark consuming materials service stations putting into operation.

Lexmark has promoted express service – LexExpress into Chinese market in advance. By now, LexEpress has won its’ popularity and trust among customers by its’ rapid response, in-time maintenance, and sound service. In 2001, on base of the existing conditions, Lexmark has achieved door-to-door fetching maintenance of ink-jet printers, and visiting service (LexOnsite) of laser printers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu. Basing on above-mentioned measures, Lexmark will complete the e-service, which is an Internet-based service management and aided decision-making system, by the later half of this year.

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