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Learn Wing Chun Kung Fu Online Free

Learn Wing Chun Kung Fu Online Free: This tutorial offers you a new way to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu online. You’ll learn various techniques or moves that ancient Wing Chun Kung Fu fighters have used for decades during fighting or when defending themselves and to keep their mind and body healthy.

Learn Wing Chun Kung Fu

Learn Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Training…There are so many elements to the Wing Chun system that make it such an effective, complete and unique art. Wing Chun Kung Fu here online is dedicated to the preservation, education and continuing evolution of the Chinese martial art Wing Chun Kung Fu. We support all lineages of the system. Together we can learn, grow and expand our knowledge making the combat martial art system of Wing Chun stronger than ever!

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Wing Chun, translated “eternal spring” is a chinese martial art that emphasizes on short range combat. It’s famous for its punches with a vertical fist ( sun fist ) and blocks with combined quick attacks. Bruce Lee’s famous one inch punch for example was a Wing Chun technique. Wing Chun includes grappling, punching, kicking and wrestling techniques, but no acrobatics. Its main principle is that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. All strikes are designed to injure or disrupt the target, which makes wing chun very effective for street defense. In chinese cantonese: “WING CHUN” or “VING TSUN” In chinese mandarin: “YONG CHUN” – also know as “Yong Chun Quan”

Is there any way I can learn Wing Chun Kung Fu online?

Yes and no. While hands-on training from someone who’s learned the style and can correct your gross mistakes is best, there are some who have learned the rudiments of a martial art style via manuals. It really depends on the quality of the manual (whether it’s online or printed).

How many years will i learn wing chun/ Ving Tsun?

I only buy a wing chun compendium book,, i don’t have partner wll i learn?,., i notice that when someone punches me simultaneous i don’t know what will i apply a techniques or drills,, can you please help me?,, what good suggestion?,, keep practicing?

Wing Chun will take 5 to 7 years to learn and a life time to master, Kung Fu is a way to live. against simultaneous punches you could use pak sao follow by bon sao and reverse punch and then follow by your own simultaneous punches. You will progress faster first with a good sifu/instructor and partner. For more info you can e-mail me.

Trainer advice: Wing Chun Kung Fu online

In Wing Chun it is believed that an attack to the center line is the most powerful thing in martial arts. Pratice your guard position and work on your basic stance.

The Wing Chun School Kung Fu, for the purpose of Self Defence and Health & Vitality, based on the Yip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu system through the lineage direct from Grand Master Ip Ching

Learning Option: Choose a Wing Chun Kung Fu School

We have Wing Chun schools covering East, West, North, South, Central and Greater London, Hertfordshire, Stevenage, Norway and Cyprus. All classes & private lessons are supervised by qualified Instructors with years of experience. Editing by Louis Yang

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