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Lanshou Men History, Routines and Techniques (Blocking-hand Chuan)

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Lanshou Men or the blocking-hand Chuan was created by Zheng Tianxing. It is said to be popular in the areas along both sides of the Yangtze River. At the turn of the Ming and Qing dynasties, Zheng Tianxing of Henan Province went to Tianjin where he stayed at Dawang Temple in Dazhigu. Every day he practised his martial arts in the morning and before long word spread about his skills and young men begged him to take them as his disciples. Better known disciples of Lanshou Men included Li Jingang, Yu Dequan and Wang Haishan.

When this style of Chuan was passed down to the sixth generation of disciples, Liu Changhai and Chen Lianfang further developed the art by adding the cannon Chuan to the original Coo Quan (exercise Chuan), Lanshou Quan and Fanzi Quan. In forming their style of Poo Quan (cannon Chuan), they relied on power to beat and to stimulate speed. The four styles of Chuan are considered to be the original routines of the blocking-hand Chuan. Liu Naifu of the seventh generation of disciples refined the four styles of Chuan into a practical combating routine of 36 techniques. He simplified the blocking-hand Chuan, making it more practical. It was very popular in Tianjin during the period of the Republic (1911-1949) and was passed on to Sichuan and Shanghai in the 1930’s.

The Lanshou Men is characterized by its simplicity and practicability. Its hand tricks stress pushing, turning, shaking and drawing while its feet plays focus on hitting the abdomen and groin of the opponent. It focuses on blocking the hands of the opponent and benefiting from the forces of the opponent while using power to beat speed and to stimulate speed.

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