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Labor created mankind and technology creates immortals

    The ancients’ dream of becoming immortal has lasted for several thousand years. With regard to such a dream, most people think it is only in the clouds, being beautiful but incredible.

Let Immortals Step down the Altar.The legend on immortals is of long standing in China.

 What is the “immortal” like in the eyes of the ancients? How do they live? Qu Yuan, a great poet in the Warring States Period, wrote in his poem “Travel Faraway”:What “immortals” eat is the dark yellow qi (air) of heaven and earth, what they drink is the clear dew and jade-like juice, every one of them looks bright and charming, their bodies are sturdy, their souls are unperturbed and extremely happy, they ride the great air flying to Heaven, and live a very free life. In the writing of the romantic Zhuangzi (great philosopher about 2000 years ago), immortals “ride the clouds, and drive the sun and the moon, roaming the whole world”, they are not only free of the trouble of life and death, riding the stars and flying everywhere, but also look tender, charming and graceful, without any worldly worry. Cao Zhi, the great poet in the Three Kingdoms Period, wrote like this: “Immortals play chess on Mount Tai. Accompanied by fairies playing the lyre and sheng (a reed pipe instrument)” and “they fly for ten thousand miles in an instant, rising to the great void easily; Flying across clouds…” In his eyes, immortals can do anything and possess anything. They can take anything from the universe, riding the phoenix, reining the tiger or lion, looking very majestic… So to speak, immortals in the ancients’ eyes are extremely romantic, completely free and happy forever. In today’s words, they are absolutely ideal persons, and their life is the most admirable. Hence, all the ancients in China dreamed to become “immortals”.

To get a deeper understanding of this bold prophesy, first of all, we must take off the mystic fog of thousands of years from immortals, analyze this concept in a scientific way, redefine it, so as to let immortals go down from the altar, changing the dream into a reality.

 Today, we must declare to the world:By relying on the divine power of high technology, mankind will leap into immortals.

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