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Korean Singer-Actor Rain launches his own clothing

Tune Entertainment announced that Korean Singer-actor Rain will launch his own clothing line this morning.

Rain’s clothes will hit stores Spring of 2009 if you are interested.

The Hallyu star Rain has expand to a completely new field. Rain’s management company J.Tune on February 2 has announced that they just establish a subsidiary company about the fashion products.

Other than devote the investments, Rain will participate in the design works personally.

The manager of J.Tune revealed “This is the first time Rain participates in fashion field. Therefore, he tries to learn from many designers inside and outside the country. He also spent a big amount of money to invite the talent designers to ensure that it will make this new business successful”.

They also said that “We are preparing for the establishment of the subsidiary company. Hopefully, we will have the first fashion collection on spring and summer 2009.

another actor/singer/artiste turned entrepreneur? I guess congratulations are in order regarding this article.

i want to support Bi but he’s doing so many things at once. He’s trying to break out in the American market (in terms of his music career) and even now heading towards Hollywood for his acting career.

While, I love to hear that Rain has successfully expanded internationally, I’m selfish. I like to see/hear his acting and singing in Korean.

I feel like Rain is overdoing everything.
isn’t he happy with what he got? why is he trying to do everything?

Big stars have big egos, when you’re as big of a star as him, you want more. What he gains in this clothing line compensates for something else he is lacking in and I feel that he is overdoing this stuff. Just sing, damn it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    RAIN is allowed to do whatever he wants to do in his life and career.

    It’s hard to confine an artsist to just music — when he’s obviously multi-talented !!!

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