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Japanese School Girls Astound Chinese Students for Mini Skirts

Japanese School Girls Astonish Chinese Peers for Very Short Skirts and Micro Mini Skirts. A strange phenomenon in Japanese streets. To Chinese people’s surprise, Japanese girl students are used to covering the bottoms of their skirts with their hands, to avoid their buttocks to be exposed to the public.

Japanese School Girls Pozes

Japanese School Girls Pozes

Strange views in Japanese open streets: To Japanese girl students, their short school uniform skirts could hardly cover their bodies.

While I was traveling in Japan, I found a strange phenomenon about Japanese school girls. As you can see from the photos, a lot of Japanese girl students get used to clapping hands over their skirts in case of exposing their bottoms accidently.

From primary to high school graduation, Japanese girl students have to wear short school skirts at any time, except in P.E. classes. They won’t have to wear school dresses until they get admitted to universities. Skirts still will be their favorite, however, to help them follow modern fashion and dress up nice. They are accustomed to dressing like that even in winter days.

Sexy Japanese Girl Students

Sexy Japanese Girl Students

Now, Japanese school skirts become shorter and shorter. Generally speaking, they could hardly cover bodies of Japanese school girls.

Hot Japanese Girls for School

Hot Japanese Girls for School

When Japanese girls go across street bridges, they cannot help clapping hands over their school skirts or putting bags behind.

I don’t understand why Japanese school girls are so afraid of exposing their bottoms to the public since they could bear wearing such sexy mini skirts or tight panties upskirts. Are they seducing Japanese men?

Actually some Japanese girls like dressing full-length skirts, but they are usually considered as bad girls. How weird?

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  1. Sexy Japanese Babe says:

    Japanese shool girls must be entiring boys or men. Japan uses their girls to overcome the whole world. Why not?

  2. Japanese Skirt Girl says:

    I think Japanese people learn this from Ukiyo-e. All Japanese school girls must have the dream to become Sailor Moon, Ah..

  3. Cold Japan says:

    Japanese girls could bear coldness since Japan locates at the North. Winter is no problem for them.

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  5. Yan Wuxie says:

    I’m a university student in Shandong Province, China. Our school uniform is not mini skirts~it isn’t besutiful, though. But i can’t understand the reason why Japanese shhool girls wear such short mini skirts.

  6. Paulhudds says:

    Japanese schoolgirls wear short skirts because it is rebellion against school rules about skirts being knee-length. Also, if one person wears the skirt short, everyone else in the group does so.

    It is not, mainly, to entice men. The bottom is not considered so sexy, neither are legs. Its all about the group. The older, and more important in school a girl is, the shorter the skirt!

  7. Jamesha Walker says:

    Do girls’ underwear still have to be white, especially in school?

  8. Tommy Perry says:

    Thanks for the photos from mini culture I liked the two with the girls touching their skirts from behind.

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