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Is Great Success Education an Elite Education and Education of Minority

Is great success education an elite education and education of minority? In fact, great success education is for public and every one. For we believe each of us has great potentials, and each one could make the best.

Above discussed great success education is the further innovation based on father’s thoughts. At the same time, it integrates some essences of American success.  

Great success education also integrates the essence of China’s education genres, especially Confucius education, whicih emphasizes on modify the behavior, harmonize the family, manage the state, and pacify the world. When we re-look on it, it should be from the point of new era. Confucius attached great importance to improve oneself, which is wiser than our examination-oriented education, for improving oneself needs not only knowledge, but also his overall quality and culture. Improving oneself exceeds our traditional knowledge teaching and examing, and focuses on perfect of personality and improvement of quality. Besides perfect one’s own personality, it also harmonize the family, that is, bring along your family members, and make them to be your level. The final goal is great, to manage the state, and pacify the world. Why Confucius could be considered by Nobel prize winner as guide teacher of modern man? That is because he is not selfish and narrow. When Confucius climbed Tai Mountain, he had the passion of the nation and the world. This passion is still very important now. Not only would we have good study capability, improve our own quality, but also could bring along family members to be good-qualified, and set up a study-oriented family. When each family become this kind, our society is study-oriented, and then our world.

Further, it discusses on six integrations. (To be Continued)

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